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Aleesha’s Story

Greetings Civilians,

       My name is Aleesha Liu, and I am 16 years old. On friday november 16th I was diagnoised with a stage two cancer called Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It started in the lymph nodes in my neck and has spread to the ones in my chest. I am set to begin chemotherapy on november 20th, and am expected to make a full recovery. Here's my story..

a little about myself and how it is I discovered my lymphoma. I am a Junior at Millard West. I am very active in my youth group at my church as well as Campus Life, I am in the all girls varsity show choir group called Uptown Girls. I also am in  National Honor Society as well as worked part time at Newmans Cafe (until recently when I resigned to focus on my health) So bacially I am the normal busy teenager keeping busy with all life has for me! I have always tried to walk closley to God and sincerely enjoy church and the key role it plays in my life, and especially my story. About 2 months ago I noticed a small lump in the side of my neck just above my collar bone. I ignored it thinking the muscle must just be knotted up or something. I soon realized if i rotated my shoulder in a certain way I could see the lump move around  After about 2 weeks and it didn't go away I showed my Mom, who also thought it was most likley nothing to worry about but made a appointment with our family doctor. After they checked it out and ruled out the thyroid at a issue they sent me for a ultra sound. The ultra sound showed the lymph nodes were enlarged but it could not define why. They sent me to a Head and Neck Oncologist at Methodist. After they checked thing out they decided to do a needle biopsy -  3 needle pokes and a week later those results showed "abnormal cells" but again they could not make a diagnosis. Throughout this whole process everyone was rooting for it to be a bad infection that was causing all this. After the needle biopsy'd they decided to do surgery and remove a lymph node and send in to figure out what was really going on. They ended up taking 3 lymph nodes. We waited almost a week for those results. Nearly a week later, on November 16th, I was diagnosed with a cancer called Hodgkins Lymphoma. I then switched doctor and hospitals and now am with a Pediatric Oncologist at UNMC - my Mom assures me it's the best place to be for this. They did some more test the following day and on friday the 18th the results came back difinitivly that it was stage two. The cancer has spead to my to the nodes in my chest. My journey is only beginning and I look forward to sharing it with you through this website. So without futher a do, here we go.

Latest Journal Update


Good Evening all you beautiful people!

Merry Thanksgiving! I hope it was filled with wonderful family and delectable turkey!

It's been almost 9 months since I finished chemotherapy, and about a year since I was officially diagnosed. crazy how time flies!

 I just got my 8 month scans and they were as clear as day! I honestly cannot believe how far God has brought me in the time span of just a year! He is truly good.  This time last year I was just being diagnosed and spent thanksgiving in a small pediatric hospital room with my entire family crammed in, and eating Chinese food. AS fun as that was im thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving this year with my wonderful family in my wonderful home, and not in a hospital.

Just so were all up to date, I have been out of treatment for about 9 months, my hair is growing back in as fast as it can ( I actually had my first hair cut not to long ago), Im crazy busy with applying to colleges and different activities, and have actually decided to go into nursing with hopes to work in Oncology. Awesome.

I've said it before but I don't think I can ever say it enough, from the deepest part of me I want to say : Thank You.

Thank you the Andersen Family and everyone that brought us meals. You have no idea how you lifted my family up. Your kindness and love meant to world to us.

Thank you to my small group who organized the fundraiser for me and constantly showered me with support and prayers. you girls are incredible and I'm blessed to call you guys my friends.

Thank you to the Roth family for being there for me and welcoming me into your home and family. You are an amazing family and I cannot express how much I appreciate all that you did for me. From giving me my shots to just allowing me a safe place to escape to, you constantly showed me grace and love I'm so very thankful to know such amazing people as yourselves.

Thank you to my MOST FABULOUS AND SPECTACULAR doctors and nurses from UNMC and everywhere else. you gave me the best medical care I could've asked for and graciously put  up with my sarcasm and facetious remarks. The care I received from UNMC played a large part in my decision to go into nursing. you rock.

Thank you to the Badders family for creating t-shirts to sell on my behalf to help me and my family.  They are wonderful and every time I see someone wearing one I feel encouraged and  I am reminded of all the lovely people who constantly supported me.

Thank you to the Juliot family! Thank you for being my second home and family. Debbie, thank you for coming to chemo with me and taking me to radiation. Thank you for being an support and encouragement to my mom, I know she needed one. I absolutely adore all of you and think you are all the coolest cats in town. Also thanks for coming to Hawaii with us, im thankful I got to share that experience with people as rad as you!

Thank you to Make-A-Wish for blessomg my family and I with an incredible trip to Hawaii! It was so awesome to spend time with them and celebrate being together and being alive and well!

Lastly thank you to yYu. Thank you for praying for me. Your prayers lifted me up and whenever im having a down day I remember all the people who prayed for me and still are and im so so so very encouraged by that. Thank you for keeping up with me, supporting and encouraging my family and I, going out of your way to show us kindness and help us in all your special ways.

I wish i could thank every single one of you who played such a special part in my life this past year. I've experienced more life-change in this year than I could have ever imagined possible. It has been the most emotionally and physically difficult year of my life for a variety of reasons but i'm thankful for it all. I am so thankful for this experience. I am so thankful I had cancer. Without this journey I would've never experienced Gods incredible grace and mercy the way that I have. He has been my rescuer, my rock and my redeemer. I'm so thankful for the Lord and all he has planned for me. I'm eager to move on with my story and find out what  else God has in store for me next!

Thank you  all for faithfully journeying with me. And in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. (;

~ Aleesha Liu