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Updated for California:  If you would like to assist Albert and his family (providing meals, visiting with Albert one day a month), please sign up on this site:

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On October 29th, 2012, while teaching in class, Albert had a hemorrhagic stroke.  Thankfully due to the quick response of students faculty and medical staff and by God's grace, Albert's life was spared.  It is going to be a long journey of recovery and we trust in the Lord for each step! 
Please continue to pray for Albert, Cora and his two girls, Sharla and Kayden. 


Allen Chan posted a new journal entry, "Celebrating Albert's birthday!".

Journal update by Allen.Albert's birthday was October 18th and we had a chance to celebrate it together with our two families. It was fun to have both of our families ... Read more

KK Fung signed Albert's Guestbook.

Dear Albert,Happy birthday, it is good to see you, your family and Alan's family in the photo. I have been talking to Bill and Helen, who updates me on how you are getting ... Read more

Allen Chan added a new photo.

Katy Strzepek signed Albert's Guestbook.

We keep you and your family in our prayers Albert! It is wonderful to see your progress. You are an inspiration! Read more

Allen Chan posted a new journal entry, "Back in Los Angeles".

The Lord has led Albert and his family back to California.  He is very thankful for all the prayers and help that have been provided by new friends and the St. Ambrose ... Read more

sue kettles signed Albert's Guestbook.

Albert and Cora,So much has happened since we last were together - our days at Oregon State seem so long ago.I just spent the last half hour reading the journal and all ... Read more

Katy Strzepek signed Albert's Guestbook.

So wonderful to see your updates. We continue to pray for Albert and it is great to learn about all the progress he is making! We send our love and prayers to your whole ... Read more

KK Fung signed Albert's Guestbook.

Great news, it a huge improvement looking back. Albert looks well too, putting on a bit of weight? It must be spring time now, good to go out to enjoy some fresh ... Read more

Allen Chan posted a new journal entry, "Out and about".

Guest post by Allen Chan I was able to stay with Albert the last few days. We were able to go out to see a movie and dine out as well. Albert is cleared to ... Read more

Allen Chan posted a new journal entry, "Keep on Fighting!".

Albert returns home today after 5 months.  He will have been away from home almost as long as he had been living there.  Although it is a blessing to return home, it is ... Read more

KK Fung signed Albert's Guestbook.

It is a huge step forward to be able to come home, during Easter which is a time for rebirth and renewal. Pray that Albert will keep on improving. Uncle KK Read more

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