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AIDEN’s Story

Aiden was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Febuary 22, 2007. Photos:http://www.slide.com/r/Kkq0HifW5D-WbqyKJoZdpzBn1vI-GjLc?evious_view=mscd_embedded_url

Videos: http://youtube.com/kaykaycoco & http://youtube.com/watch?v=AcisLFr9Zug



Tuesday, Feb. 20, Aiden came home from Day Care with a little fever. Mom noticed some swollen lymph nodes in Aiden's neck. She thought he may have tonsillitis. She made an appointment with his Doctor for the following day, Feb. 21. The Doctor took a CBC test and he said he thought his machine was broken so asked Gena to take Aiden over to the hospital to have the blood test run. The hospital re took the test. The hospital called Gena again before she even got home and asked them to come back. They needed to redo the CBC test again. Aiden's doctor called about 8 p.m. Feb. 21 and told them to take Aiden to Kosair hospital immediately. He thought Aiden had luekemia. Kosair did Aiden's CBC again. His # was so high (232,000) normal is 10-15,000. Around 4:00 a.m, it was confirmed (High Risk) Acute L. Leukemia. Read the journal for what follows next! One moment can change your life forever!

Latest Journal Update


Well Aiden finished his radiation with seemingly little side effects. He fixed a whipped cream pie with maple syrup , crushed crackers, coconut, chia seeds, ect. to throw in the Drs. face. He really had a fun time with Dr. Silverman and his staff.  It was a nice ending to this dreaded treatment. His counts were great and once again his oral chemo was increased, with the goal to get him to 100% dosage, a little at a time. With Radiation behind us, he will continue to receive his daily and weekly chemos at home and go once a month for his IV vincristine and breathing treatment. He still hates getting accessed and we keep praying for  peace for him  in this area.
 This post brings me to a point of a prayer request. Aiden woke up Saturday with an itchy neck and lots of hair on his pillow. So the radiation which "seemingly" had little side effects are starting to show up and rearing it's ugly head.  Aiden has went thru so much for one little boy and he was so proud of his new hair and his little spike. I know it is "just" hair, but he was so extremely happy with it's return.  It is NOT "just" hair, it is everything to a little boy, it is a sign of returning health, it is confidence, it is looking like your friends, it is feeling like a normal little boy that people don't stare at. When we  heard this , me and LeeDog just wanted to throw up,(quite the visual), but  it just breaks my heart to see him hurting.   So I ask you to pray, for God to restore  peace to his heart  and eyes that see Jesus at work in his life and his healing in his body. Help him to always keep his Eyes on the one true God, and know that hair will return and hopefully this is the last time he will ever have to deal with hair loss again. Everyone send your love thru your prayers to Aiden's heart. We all know prayer works and this is just a little bump in the road, that seems huge  to a 10 year old and his family. Thank you for your support and love
 Aunt LaLa
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Anita Woolard
By Anita Woolard
Oh, bless our dear little man. I am so sorry to hear about his hair coming out. I know how happy he was to have it back again. He is handsome to me with or without hair and I do so admire his courage on this rough pilgrimage he is undergoing. I pray that he will not fret over this too much and that he will continue to be strong. He is one awesome little guy and I firmly believe that God has great things in store for him in the future. Blessings to all of you.
Charlie Wallace
By Chartlie Wallace
I (who am beautifully bald - OK just bald-headed) have often told people that hair is over-rated. They look at my chrome dome and we all laugh. It does break my heart that this symbol of being "normal" does affect Aiden's outlook a little. Aunt LaLa's post is so touching and true. It's not JUST HAIR to Aiden at this stage in his life. I wrote on Facerbook that God shines down on Aiden's round head and His face reflects on all who see him.

OK - that's right, but Aiden deserves a better break. This bump in the road is unfortunate and terrible side effects of a necessay treatment. I am praying for Aiden to get through this phase as smoothly as possible, so he can get back to being a boy that plays outside and has to go see the barber at least once a month!

Please God, spare this little man some grief this time! Make him well,
In Jesus' name >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Amen
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Jan DeKlavon
By Love, Dave and Jan — last edited
When we saw the post on Saturday about that sweet boys hair, our hearts sank right with you. We shared this with our Sunday School Class yesterday, and they are praying for Aiden, Jason, and Gena. I also put it on our Prayer Request site this morning. You are so right. This is so much more than just hair for all the reasons you stated. We will continue to keep Aiden in our prayers, that the Lord will comfort his heart, restore his joy, and fill him with peace to the depths that only He can reach. Praying also that his classmates will continue to be understanding, loving, and will walk with him through this setback in a compassionate way.
Sending our love, hugs, and most of all prayers for A.L.L. of you...
Dave and Jan
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