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My Story

Aiden was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Febuary 22, 2007. Photos:http://www.slide.com/r/Kkq0HifW5D-WbqyKJoZdpzBn1vI-GjLc?evious_view=mscd_embedded_url

Videos: http://youtube.com/kaykaycoco & http://youtube.com/watch?v=AcisLFr9Zug



Tuesday, Feb. 20, Aiden came home from Day Care with a little fever. Mom noticed some swollen lymph nodes in Aiden's neck. She thought he may have tonsillitis. She made an appointment with his Doctor for the following day, Feb. 21. The Doctor took a CBC test and he said he thought his machine was broken so asked Gena to take Aiden over to the hospital to have the blood test run. The hospital re took the test. The hospital called Gena again before she even got home and asked them to come back. They needed to redo the CBC test again. Aiden's doctor called about 8 p.m. Feb. 21 and told them to take Aiden to Kosair hospital immediately. He thought Aiden had luekemia. Kosair did Aiden's CBC again. His # was so high (232,000) normal is 10-15,000. Around 4:00 a.m, it was confirmed (High Risk) Acute L. Leukemia. Read the journal for what follows next! One moment can change your life forever!


Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "Heading to Camp Quality".

As you can see from the heading, Today Aiden is heading off to camp for a week of fun and getting a chance to get away. He really looks forward to this week every year. It ... Read more

Debra Pebbles Rivas signed AIDEN's Guestbook.

Greetings. We are a cancer support group here in San Antonio, Texas and we share stories like yours on our facebook page, C.I.O.C Cancer is One Cancer, as a request for ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "Day One of Maintenance is in the books".

Good Morning Team Aiden,Yesterday marked day one (again) of Aiden's maintenance phase of treatment. We started out at clinic at 7:30 getting Spike accessed and labs ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "A New Plan".

 Aiden had a pretty good week he actually go to play with his buddies and spend some time outside. He had one night of nausea, which seems like a weekly  experience, ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "We are peeking out of the bubble! PTL".

Well, well, what an awesome Monday for sharing about Aiden. Might I start off by saying what a brave and Courageous man he has become? Yes, our little boy is growing up ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "Life in the Bubble".

Another weekend is upon us and Mr. Aiden is still at zero on his ANC. His platelets are still low around 39, but not at the transfusion level. His Hemoglobin on the other ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry.

As we approach the ending of another week, Aiden seems to be doing well. As most kids  he is tired of homework and tired of being stuck in. He still has quite a few ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "ZERO!! Really?".

Well, Well, Well, Aiden did pretty good with finger poke today with Jim. We are calling them "The Jim and Tim show!! Aiden was saying , and the next contestant, come on ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "Numbers dropping".

Well Aiden went to Doctor last Friday and his counts had dropped to 600. His hemoglobin was holding strong but the little guy looks like he has been beaten up. He is ... Read more

erik ray rayl signed AIDEN's Guestbook.

Good to hear Aiden had a nice Easter!!! Also, it's been really awesome to see him playing outside w some of his friends lately.  I'm still bummed out that Aiden beat ... Read more

janet sutter signed AIDEN's Guestbook.

Praying for you Aiden. You give us a good role model to follow. Hang in there and know that you are well loved. I have been reading about you for a while now, just don't ... Read more

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