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AIDEN’s Story

Aiden was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Febuary 22, 2007. Photos:http://www.slide.com/r/Kkq0HifW5D-WbqyKJoZdpzBn1vI-GjLc?evious_view=mscd_embedded_url

Videos: http://youtube.com/kaykaycoco & http://youtube.com/watch?v=AcisLFr9Zug



Tuesday, Feb. 20, Aiden came home from Day Care with a little fever. Mom noticed some swollen lymph nodes in Aiden's neck. She thought he may have tonsillitis. She made an appointment with his Doctor for the following day, Feb. 21. The Doctor took a CBC test and he said he thought his machine was broken so asked Gena to take Aiden over to the hospital to have the blood test run. The hospital re took the test. The hospital called Gena again before she even got home and asked them to come back. They needed to redo the CBC test again. Aiden's doctor called about 8 p.m. Feb. 21 and told them to take Aiden to Kosair hospital immediately. He thought Aiden had luekemia. Kosair did Aiden's CBC again. His # was so high (232,000) normal is 10-15,000. Around 4:00 a.m, it was confirmed (High Risk) Acute L. Leukemia. Read the journal for what follows next! One moment can change your life forever!

Latest Journal Update

Hanging out at Kamp Kosair again!!!

Well since the last post from LaLa, we have learned that aidens bone marrow is only working at 20-30%. They started him back on a very lose of oral chemo, 25% Monday through Friday only. Wanting to see how his little body would react to it and keeping a close eye on his counts. It was expressed to us that being his Bone Marrow is only working at that level he cannot afford to get sick at all because that would effect his BM as well. So the choice was made by Jason and I, at the suggestion of his doctor, that aiden be removed from school to reduce the chances of him getting sick. He has pretty much stayed in his bubble since. His gallbladder has been giving him a few issues, so we had scheduled for it to be removed this past Thursday, the 18th. Of course Aiden has the best support and surgery team, we went in Wednesday for spiked to be accessed and blood work completed to make sure counts are where they needed to be for surgery. His counts came back at 1100 by the machine and a manual count revealed them to be 952, so Dr. Foley wanted to repeat Thursday morning prior to surgery just in case something changed. Of course we the family was confident that numbers would be fine.....team aiden arrived at the hospital at 7am Thursday ready to get this procedure done, stay the night and head home and be healed and ready for Christmas, of course his lab work came back that his numbers had dropped to only 540, and it was decided that we just couldn't risk doing the surgery at that level. Once again a reminder and a lesson that we are NOT in control of this journey, GOD is. After having long conversations with the medical team, aiden was removed from oral chemo ONCE again, and surgery was rescheduled for the 26th. Off to home we go.......ONLY, to have aiden wake up Friday morning at 2:30am with a sore throat, a bark of a cough and low grade temp of 99.4 so the every hour temp taking began. By 6:30am aiden was running a temp of 101 so I made the call, and sure enough, here we are at kamp kosair AGAIN! Aiden has tested positive for two different upper respiratory viruses. His counts are only at 560 today. They have him on antibiotics because of the low counts, and he will begin Leukine to help boost his counts up some too. The question is; is the low counts from the chemo or the virus or BOTH. Needless to say the timing is not great, especially when we are looking for so many answers about his course of treatment and what is best for aiden. Once again; a reminder we are NOT in control !!!! If aidens counts rise some, it has been presented that maybe he could have surgery Monday afternoon or Tuesday; a decision that Jason and I need to make by Monday morning. We want him to have a great Christmas, and not be sore from surgery, but we also understand the timing of being off chemo, counts etc play a BIG influence of having it done. So again, we wait. Overall, aiden is in great spirits and taking everything in stride. We hope we are home for the holidays and of course will keep everyone updated if anything BIG changes. Thanks for always keeping the little guy in your thoughts and prayers; you walking this journey with us means so much!!! Much love and many blessings! Jason and Gena
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Charlie Wallace
By Charlie Wallace
Can't this little guy get a break? All of the energy I have goes into asking God to make this young man well and at least get him and his loving family HOME for Christmas!

Thank you so much for keeping us up to date, but I would rather hear you saying how beautiful it is being in your own home and hanging around the tree with eggnog and holly. Praying for high counts and lots of hemoglobin and quick effective surgery to take you to the next level of healing. Don't know what else to say. May God please make Aiden well and blessings be upon this family.