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My Story

Aiden was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Febuary 22, 2007. Photos:http://www.slide.com/r/Kkq0HifW5D-WbqyKJoZdpzBn1vI-GjLc?evious_view=mscd_embedded_url

Videos: http://youtube.com/kaykaycoco & http://youtube.com/watch?v=AcisLFr9Zug


Tuesday, Feb. 20, Aiden came home from Day Care with a little fever. Mom noticed some swollen lymph nodes in Aiden's neck. She thought he may have tonsillitis. She made an appointment with his Doctor for the following day, Feb. 21. The Doctor took a CBC test and he said he thought his machine was broken so asked Gena to take Aiden over to the hospital to have the blood test run. The hospital re took the test. The hospital called Gena again before she even got home and asked them to come back. They needed to redo the CBC test again. Aiden's doctor called about 8 p.m. Feb. 21 and told them to take Aiden to Kosair hospital immediately. He thought Aiden had luekemia. Kosair did Aiden's CBC again. His # was so high (232,000) normal is 10-15,000. Around 4:00 a.m, it was confirmed (High Risk) Acute L. Leukemia. Read the journal for what follows next! One moment can change your life forever!


Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "Good Friday!!".

Well, technically it wasn't Good Friday but it was a good Friday. Aiden's finger poke went well considering it was Jim, I'm thinking it is just a matter of time before he ... Read more

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Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry.

Just a quick little note before finger poke....(say a little prayer for that...new guy, tries really hard but Aiden just loves Tim. Aiden has been doing ok, started his ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "Preliminary Update".

I try to wait for Mom and Dad's post and just expand but so many of you have been asking for results.The two things we prayed for, No leukemia cells and no MDS!! God has ... Read more

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linda palma signed AIDEN's Guestbook.

I have been asking everyone I know to pray for Aiden & posted on FB...praising God for the report that there is no leukemia in his BM... Read more

julie Sleep signed AIDEN's Guestbook.

Speaking complete health and wholeness into Aiden's Bone Marrow. Standing in agreement that God created bone marrow, so He can also heal it! Praying Read more

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God made Aiden in His likeness. God created all of his bone marrow and Aiden needs a fresh batch God can make more!May all of Team Aiden be lifted up and receive the ... Read more

Kay Schaftlein posted a new journal entry, "Our God's Not Dead".

Good Morning Team Aiden, Aiden is recovering well from his Bone Marrow Aspiration. As you can imagine the first couple of days he was pretty sore. He has spent the ... Read more

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What wonderful news!!!  Thank you Jesus!! Praise God!!!  The prayers will always continue. Read more

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VICTORY is at hand!!!!! Thank you Jesus for your protective and healing hands. Continuing to Pray for healthy and whole bone marrow and red and white blood cells. Praise ... Read more

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