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My Story

His dad named him "Aitan", hebrew for "strong." Born too early, he has been a fighter since he left the womb. He is currently being cared for by the NICU at Hadassah Hospital, who are in awe of his strength and determination, more proof that even the biggest miracles come in the smallest packages.

Birth Date: February 24, 2009
Parents: Sarah and Scott Marshall

We picked the name Aidan because its meaning ("little fire" in Gaelic) was so fitting for this tiny peanut who would never sit still for an ultrasound. He almost never stopped kicking, and even up until birth, the only time he ceased to move was when Sarah was practicing the violin.

Everything had been going smoothly with the pregnancy, so it was a complete shock when Sarah's body went into pre-eclampsia and began to shut down. It was quick and un-forgiving and all too soon, a tiny baby was born. He came out fighting, moving his arms and legs for anyone that could see.

He needed a Hebrew name, as many people wanted to pray for him, and wanted to do so properly. With the help of one of the more feisty nurses, Scott chose "Aitan", which means strong. Aitan Yeshua. Our little Aidan Joshua.

He continues to wow every day. He is fierce and determined, and while he looks vulnerable, Scott and Sarah know that the fire of independence and strong-willedness brews deep in his tiny body. He already fights with the nurses to pull things out and move things around.

His journey won't be an easy one. Please don't get discouraged if a really great day is followed by a poorer one. So far, his doctors give him an excellent prognosis, but we will take it day by day.



Aug 21, 2009 11:15am

Aidan is still doing great!


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