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Welcome to Aidan's page. We created his page when Aidan was diagnosed Stage IV Neuroblastoma in July 2009, at the age of 6. He was diagnosed the day after his littlest sister Madison was born and it was a very difficult time for Aidan and our family. 4 years later we are all wiser, stronger and more appreciative of everything in life.

Aidan was treated with 7 rounds (7 months) of front line high dose chemo, 14 days of radiation, a 9 1/2 hour operation, 2 years of extremely painful immunotherapy and is now on an investigational/preventative oral medication for one more year. Aidan has monthly check ups with our local oncologist in San Diego and every 3 months we pack up and head to New York for scans and a full work up. Aidan has be in remission since January 2010 and we are so, so blessed by his health and how amazing he looks and feels.  Despite all of the insane treatments; Aidan has remained positive and cool and always happy!

Aidan is super active! He surfs, swims, rock climbs, rides his electric scooter, rides his bike, skates, has a motorcycle, dune buggy and does Karate and Wrestling.  He loves Mine craft, making YouTube videos, and inventing things. Aidan has a 90 lb. 1 year old yellow lab named Blake that is his buddy.  Aidan often sings out loud and makes up some funny songs. Aidan wants to play the drums and the

guitar, so we need to get him going on lessons.

Aidan is an awesome son, brother, grandson, friend, student, patient and so, so much more. He is a rock star and we love him more than words. 

If you would please sign Aidan's guest book; we would really appreciate it.  We truly treasure all of the support!

We want to spread the knowledge and truth about how cancer is stealing the lives of innocent children and the funding is lacking for new and better treatments and to stop cancer. For the children that survive cancer; sadly most end up with terrible life long health issues.

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Jennifer Inman posted a new journal entry, "Happy Holidays-Blessed".

We haven't updated in a long while. Aidan is doing so great and we are so blessed every single moment of every single day. We went back for scans in New York at the end of ... Read more

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Although I already knows this marvelous news, I still feel overcome with joy hearing it again! Aidan you are such a rockstar! You're whole family is such an inspiration ... Read more

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Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful news, Aidan! You are my hero! Keep up the great work please and make sure you enjoy your life to the fullest. From what your ... Read more

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Happy first day back to school Inman kids!!! I hope you all have a great first week back!!! Read more

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Hey Inman family! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about the 5 of you... 6, sorry Blake! I hope you all are doing good and that nothing but good news is coming ... Read more

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Wow Aidan, I just have to take a deep breath! I am praying EXTRA HARD for you kiddo! I think these trips make everybody nervous including ME!!! You are so BRAVE and STRONG ... Read more

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