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Day 2 Hospital

Longggg night. Lots of peeing. They are overtly hydrating him this time to clear the methotrexate. The goal is a lowered dose and extra water and we don't see mucositis show back up. We all believe the mouth sores last time led to a variety of serious problems.

The chemo stops at 930pm tonight...Its good because the heavy naseua and vomiting just started as I'm writing this....we have all the good drugs to make him comfortable on board but chemo is chemo regardless of how little or how much they give him.

The different team members all checking in on Lori today about our intentions. We told them we need better donor options - we know we must get him a transplant - including trying to create our own donor - some think its crazy others think were doing everything possible to save our kid...that particular camp is correct.

The picture is hours old of Aden holding up a picture of himself sent by Misty and Karina from Florida - they also sent him a care package of Spider-Man stuff.

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1 Comment

Theresa Koene
By Theresa n Phil Koenes n Cottier kids
Lord, please place your healing hand on sweet Aden Knar. Please do not let him get those horrible mouth sores. Keep all the Knars safe. Amen
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