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Aden’s Story

It was Easter Sunday 2008 and Aden our youngest of five and only a month from his golden birthday didnt want to eat his favorite ham, more urgently he had a yellowish tint that developed around his eyes....On Saturday nite March 29th we discovered Aden - only 4 years old had Cancer.

Aden endured three years and three months of chemotherapy which ended in July 2011. He had a complete remission.

In October of 2013 Aden was complaining of headaches and backaches. A scan of his blood showed a reduced platlet count. Because of his history the clinic decided to do a bone marrow biopsy. On November 19th 2013 we discovered his cancer / acute lymphoblastic leukemia had returned isolated in his bone marrow.

Team Aden is led by his mom Lorelie along with dad Mike Sr. His sisters
Alexa, Allie and Alea and his brother Mike Jr. Along with his niece Audree Sky and her dad Zach (roni) and grandma Ethel in Illinois - uncle David Anthony in Illinois and Uncle Steve and Aunt Sue and cousins Kyle and Ryley. Please post your comments!!!!! 

Our motto "we beat it once we can do it again!"

Latest Journal Update

Taking Aden to Grandmas

We're taking Aden to Grandmas this weekend in Illinois for a few days. This is the best window - right after his high dose steroid pulse and before his next lumbar puncture w methotrexate.
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Lisa Anthony
By Lisa Anthony
Maybe I can stop by to say hi! I'm sure Grandma is excited to see you all!
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