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Aden’s Story

It was Easter Sunday 2008 and Aden our youngest of five and only a month from his golden birthday didnt want to eat his favorite ham, more urgently he had a yellowish tint that developed around his eyes....On Saturday nite March 29th we discovered Aden - only 4 years old had Cancer.

Aden endured three years and three months of chemotherapy which ended in July 2011. He had a complete remission.

In October of 2013 Aden was complaining of headaches and backaches. A scan of his blood showed a reduced platlet count. Because of his history the clinic decided to do a bone marrow biopsy. On November 19th 2013 we discovered his cancer / acute lymphoblastic leukemia had returned isolated in his bone marrow.

Team Aden is led by his mom Lorelie along with dad Mike Sr. His sisters
Alexa, Allie and Alea and his brother Mike Jr. Along with his niece Audree Sky and her dad Zach (roni) and grandma Ethel in Illinois - uncle David Anthony in Illinois and Uncle Steve and Aunt Sue and cousins Kyle and Ryley. Please post your comments!!!!! 

Our motto "we beat it once we can do it again!"

Latest Journal Update

Day 1 philly and of course bad news

Just wrapped up day 1.

First mtg was with the ARC. The anesthesia resource center. These folks explained the surgery to install the apherisis catheter in Adens shoulder. This catheter (like in dialysis) will harvest his T cells and then return to his body blood products they don't take. Its likely his platlets will get eaten up in the process and he may need a platlet transfusion. 

We then had a lengthy mtg w Colleen the the nurse practitioner in the study and Dr Susan Rhiengold - Susan is the leading expert in pediatric relapsed Leukemia. She examined Aden and in great detail explained the process. This first few days (which were in now) is the harvest. The second phase involves destroying the remaining T cells w chemotherapy and then putting Aden's T cells (that they will modify with a cancer fighting virus) back in him. This 2nd phase only would occur with a sudden relapse. They have only done 46 kids worldwide. I'm not sure if I like only 46. But they've produced solid remission rates of 90 plus percent and have zero deaths in treatment. The 2nd phase would require a min 30 day admission back in Philly.

Heres the only piece of news i was expecting but hadnt heard so vibrantly. Like in Texas we can't get away without hearing some bad news.... Dr Rhiengold / a leading expert in ALL relapse feels there's a 60-70 percent chance Aden will have an additional relapse. She says all the delays (sicknesses) coupled with the length of time it took to get a zero on his disease status (7 months)...tells her we have a very real chance of it coming back. She said its slow moving but appears resistant and that Adens immune system has cracks in it - how he got so sick constantly... If it comes back in its same exact form - same type of blood cancer hes always had ..this therapy w the T cells is a likely winner IF if on the other hand it Morphs into something weird (1 in 10 blood cancers change)....that's trouble w the T cell therapy not working....they haven't saved anyone who's cancer changed.

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