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Addison’s Story

Addison Rebecca Strode is our beautiful little girl. She is a wonderful sister, she is mommy's little shadow, she was born with a sweet spirit and we believe she will always have that attitude. God blessed us with Addie 4 years ago. She was nearly two months premature and she was a trooper throughout her stay as an infant in the NICU and she is showing the same character here. She shines with joy everywhere we take her, with everyone she meets. She has beautiful blue eyes, is in the process of growing her hair out so she can be like Rapunzel. She is a ballerina, and loves to ride her new big girl princess bike. Her favorite song is "Joy" I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart. And she does. She loves Jesus. We love her.

Latest Journal Update

Update, On to Boston Trip No. 4

I am actually so excited to be updating all of you on Addison.

Currently we have six children, Thomas (9), Addison (6), Brooklyn (4), Benjamin (4), Baby M (2), and Baby N (4 mo.).

Baby M will soon be adopted and both our little ones are such a testament of prayer and what God's grace is for our family. After getting home after Addie's accident I decided we would not foster again. The fact that our little Ben was taken for those few long days while Addie was recovering was so scary to us and we just thought we could never handle that pain again. I thought if I just put fostering aside that all would be right in the world and we would be safe. The Lord had different plans for us. That was truly the only time I know I was doing what I was not supposed to be doing. So after healing for a few months we decided that we should get our license renewed and our first placement was our sweet Baby M. She came to us at 8 momths old. This little one was severely delayed as she was born at 27 weeks and did not have a heartbeat for nine minutes at birth. She could not roll over or really anything else. Her last foster parents were absolutely amazing and are now dear friends. Baby M needed loads of therapy and still have lung, GI and esophageal issues. However these things are simply not overwhelming and I am certain it is because we have seen so much worse, Baby M is now a thriving 2 year old, walking, talking, creating joy. We love her. I can't wait till I can say she is our 5th child.

Remember how we would all pray for RESTORATION?

It is here.

Another blessing is last summer we remodeled our deck and patio. This is where the accident happened. It is such a relief to go in our back yard and not be bombarded with horrible memories. Within the last month we were able to slightly remodel our kitchen. This was HUGE for me. Our little Addie was on fire in our kitchen sink. I hated that sink. Think of how many times a day you use your kitchen sink. Now think of having to use that sink for two and half years and think of the horrible memory you have associated with that sink day in and day out. I didn't cry every time I looked at it or anything but little things would pop up. I am so happy to announce that we now have a totally different island, counters and sink. It makes a world of difference. Another piece of restoration.

Now on to our sweet Addie. Wednesday we will be headed to Boston for her fourth surgery at Shriners. This will be 7th surgery all together. They will be performing the same laser treatments.

Since my last post Addie went to Camp Eyabsut. This is a camp for child burn survivors. We heard about this camp many times during our days at Harborview and after much convincing Dave and I decided to let her go. Her camp counselor and her hit it off right away. Carrie made Dave and I feel so comfortable with letting our little one stay at this camp for a week!'s a small world. Wouldn't you know our Carrie is engaged to a burn survivor who lives in Boston?! So now we have friends in Boston.

I started teaching ballet again in the Fall which helps with our income and allows us to stay at the Whyndam in Boston. This hotel is right next to Shriners. I literally can carry Addie in my arms down the street to our hotel room. It's awesome.

Addie is amazing. She is doing great in Kindergarten, has a ton of friends, no social issues and has a heart for others. With this upcoming trip to Boston we thought it would be a good idea to give back so we collected coloring crayons, coloring books and reading books for the hospital. You should have seen the look on her face every time she would see a donation. We have a large suitcase packed!

It's safe to say we are healing. I am sure we will always be healing but I find so much happiness in saying that out loud. Two and half years and things are not perfect, but always getting better. I think part of the getting better is we have always been open to what the Lord wanted to do in our lives. I think we are better because we love and try to find happiness where we can. I think we are better because we go out on a limb to make our situation better, as in how we have changed the spaces causing us the most pain. We are better because we love to love on others. Loving others distracts you of your own pain. When you are not caught in the throws of yourself or your own pain healing takes place.

It's good. This getting better...its a really good thing.

Pray for Addie, surgery date is April 11th.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your love.

Until next time...

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carrie pratt
By carrie pratt
Sarah, I must say I was blessed to meet you and your amazing little girl. She is an old sole who loves giving, we witnessed that last summer at camp. I can't wait to see you both next week.
Thank you for coming into my life, I am better because of you and your family!
Barbara DelGiudice
By Barbara DelGiudice
HI Sarah what a wonderful post you wrote. I am so happy everything is going so well!!! And now you have so many children! I know you love them so much. 6! Wow! What a great idea to remodel your kitchen. I saw the picture on Facebook and it is so beautiful! And all of those little chairs are so cute! I will be praying for Addie and her surgery. Addie has the best Mom and Dad in the world!!! Love, prayers and big hugs. Barb, Baby, Beenie :)
Dory Bronger
By Dory LeVander Bronger
Sarah, you and your family are an inspiration to me in so many ways. Great news about Baby M and the upcoming adoption. You are the perfect home for her. You are the perfect home for all of your children! I love seeing them in action. I will be praying for sweet Addie and her surgery on the 11th. Ongoing blessings, restoration, joy, and peace to you!
Cathey Carter
By Cathey Carter
How sweet to see the strength of Christ become more and more yours. You and your family are a blessing and I thank God for you. Praying for Addison.