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Adam’s Story

My name is Elliot Coates, Adam's aunt, and I will be posting information on Adam as we start this long journey to recovery. On the morning of May 18 2010, Adam was on his way to school at Central Private with a friend and his friend's older sister. They were involved in a head on collision that left Adam with severe head trauma, and three others with serious injuries. Adam was rushed to the hospital where he underwent a very aggressive brain operation. It was not optimistic that Adam would even survive the surgery, but because of God's power and the knowledge of the surgeons, he is still with us. God has given us miracle after miracle and we continue to praise His name in Adam's recovery.

Latest Journal Update


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the Stafford Strong Tournament a success!! We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our life.  I think this year's tournament was one of the best. We had so much fun and enjoyed making new friends.  It amazes me the amount of people that care so much about helping Adam.  He is truely blessed.  I get a kick out of being "Adam's mom".  Several times I would hear a kid say, "that's Adam's mom".  I don't even know these kids, but they know me.  That tells me that parents are sharing Adam's story and they don't let them forget about him.  From everything I heard everyone had an amazing time and the kids really enjoyed it.  Again, thank you so much to everyone that continues to support our family.  The journey is long but we thrive and will continue to do so with our amazing supporters.

First thing Monday morning I made the appointment with Dr. Kiebach to begin getting Adam's mouth fixed.  We will see Dr. Kieback next Wednesday to see where we begin.  It's going to be a very long process but worth it for sure.  Please pray the process goes smooth without complications.  We started this process about two years ago but we had to push it to the bottom of priority list because of leg and feet problems.

I've been discussing the New Jersey doctors and getting them here to see Adam.  I've been put down a different path and would like everyone to pray about this situation for me.  I've really wanted these doctors to come and they have been a huge focus for us, but things keep getting thrown in the way (not that they are bad things).  At the end of last week I came across a piece of therapy equipment that would be very beneficial for Adam.  There's a really high chance he may never have to have another surgery.  I will be free of pain in his muscles and may even be able to get rid of botox and the baclofen pump over time. He will also be able to participate in therapy without being in pain.  He has a pretty aggressive therapist that we absolutely love, but she shows no mercy and Adam lets her know he doesn't like it.  This piece of equipment has done some amazing things for people and would benefit Adam NOW.  You can read up about it here...www.quadriciser.com.  I have talked to a family that has one and they love it.  The equipment will cost alittle more than 1 trip from the New Jersey doctors, but I think we can get it.  We will be doing a small fundraiser to cover some of our tournament expenses so hopefully that will make up the difference.  I want to do what's best for Adam so please keep us in your prayers when it comes to this decision.  The more research I do it seems to be a no brainer, but what I think is a no brainer may not be within God's plan and that's ok...never ask God for patience, he will give you patience. ( I say that as a joke) 

Tomorrow Adam will have therapy.  After therapy we get to pick up his braces...YEAH!!! He has also been released to get the brace for the left foot.  Please pray these braces do not cause problems and we have to go braceless again!!

This picture I posted of Adam is when I gave him the trophy the 13 year old Stafford Strong team won for him.  I think he really likes the whole idea.  I know he beamed with light when I told him we were getting his mouth fixed.  He smiled so big so I proceeded to ask him if he wanted Taco Bell.  His response was no...oh my, something must be wrong.  He also responded no to a steak and hamburger.  I was baffled by this but all he wants is a popsicle.  It's the small things!!  Poor thing hasn't eaten in four years and he wants a popsicle.  I haven't made it to the store to get any so of course I'm a bad momma right now.  I think I'll get his therapist to feed him one tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week.  Thank you for praying for our boy and always being Stafford Strong!!

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2 Comentarios

Maresa Saunders
By Maresa Saunders
I would love to know how Adam is doing? Always in my prayers
Deborah Scully
By Deborah Scully
I follow Joseph Stanton's CaringBridge page and I think he has a quadriciser machine. Praying for God to give you direction.
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