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I’m sorry for the lack of updates.  I can’t believe it’s been two months since the last one.  I guess in a way it’s good because that means Adam is doing fabulous.  I started this lengthy update and when I was ready to hit send my internet went out, Grrrr.  It’s easier for me to update on facebook so please like and share Adam’s facebook page – Praying Stafford Strong.  Of course we have all been busy, busy, busy.  There’s been a lot going on around the Dufour household.  I’m not quite sure where to begin. 

Our family survived the flu season without getting it, thank goodness.  However, we’ve had other issues, one right after another. All the issues have been minor, but when there are a lot of minor at one time, human nature makes me feel overwhelmed.  The past three months I’ve had an episode once a month that seems to be like a panic attack.  I’ve had four EKG’s, a heart ultrasound, numerous blood test, and a CT and all came back normal.  I’m not real sure what’s going on, but I’d like to ask that you please pray for me as far as this goes.  It’s very scary when it happens and seems to put me down for a few days, which is a big no no.  Momma can’t be down.  Christopher broke out with a crazy rash and of course for those that know me know I freaked out.  Thankfully it was only from an ear infection.  Aubry has been having headaches for awhile so I took her to the doctor and they ordered a CT.  Again, I freaked out because me and CT’s just don’t jive.  I knew she was ok and that her problems were probably sinus related but the whole idea is a little scary.  When she had her scan it was a little upsetting to her, which broke my heart, but all came out well.  Rush injured his arm playing baseball and has been struggling with it for months.  He went to the doctor and thanks to the awesome guys, Eric and Sean, at Central Physical Therapy the arm will survive and Rush will continue playing baseball.  We’ve started up and they played their first tournament last weekend, placing second.  Geaux LA Blast!! This weekend we will be traveling to Breaux Bridge so please pray for safe travels for everyone. Rushy is sporting #4, Adam’s high school number.  Aubry is starting Jacket Cheer so I’m excited to see her how well she does and all the fun she will have doing competitions.  Christopher will start tball soon, which will be interesting to say the least.

Adam is doing awesome.  He hasn’t had any seizure episodes – Praise the Lord!!  Therapy has been slow because of doctor appointments and the rain, but hopefully things are beginning to look up.  The times he has been to therapy have been good.  His leg still remains stiff.  The tone from the brain injury has caused his quad to become short, which doesn’t allow his knee to bend right.  He can only bend his knee about 60 degrees.  This issue has hampered his walking on the treadmill.  He has started standing more often and he does very well.  I love seeing him on his feet.  It looks like surgery will be done to correct his left leg.  I really didn’t want to take this route, but if he’s going to walk it has to be done.  He did surprise us all today at therapy.  His amazing angel therapy, Sue Sue, put him on the treadmill to see how hard it would be to get his legs moving.  It went much better than everyone thought it would so that was a positive.  Still, in order for him to walk right and get the right results from weight bearing on the treadmill the leg will have to be fixed.  I’m not sure when we will do this.  I have to get him in to see a doctor and go from there.  I mentioned before about him seeing an endocrinologist because 85-90% of TBI patients have pituitary gland problems which creates several endocrine issues.  Last Friday we saw an endocrinologist.  He told me I was doing the right thing by getting Adam checked and I think he felt he would surely find something going wrong.  Well, just like we have seen in the past, Adam Stafford is not your “normal” TBI patient.  His endocrine system is working fine.  In a way I was hoping something would be found in order to clear up some minor issues he has like, hair loss, dry skin, energy, etc.  I am thankful all is well because that means that part of his brain is not damaged and no new meds will be added to his list.  I get nervous if something new has to be added because I don’t want anything interfering with his seizure medication.

I have been in contact with the New Jersey doctors several times.  As soon as the funds are available they will be coming to see Adam.  I know they will be here in God’s perfect timing.  Everything else has happened in his perfect time.  The doctors will come do a very aggressive evaluation on Adam and will tell us exactly what parts of the brain work and which ones don’t.  They will set up a protocol specifically for Adam.  The protocol will focus on the parts that don’t work.  They will be stimulated and in turn the brain will create new pathways.  This is a huge opportunity for Adam and his recovery.  Please continue to pray for this.

Throughout this journey I have prayed for God to show me what I could do for him, what did this journey we are on mean, and how could we show his glory.  Several times I felt God was telling me to just speak out about our journey.  I’ve felt I needed to do something about seatbelt awareness.  I felt God leading me to speak to groups and then I felt myself asking, have I lost my mind.  God knows that is my biggest fear, why in the world would he want me to do that.  I couldn’t possibly be successful at that.  Just the thought makes me hyperventilate.  Haylie Dufour does not speak in front of people.  I spoke one time at Central Private about the accident.  At that time I wrote everything down on paper and read from the paper.  I was shaking so bad I couldn’t even read what I wrote.  At one point I dropped the paper and could barely pick it up.  God will take your biggest fears and help you overcome them for his glory.  I knew deep down God was telling me to do this and I had to obey whether I passed out or not.  I did hope he would pick me up if I got wobbly come time for me to do whatever it was he wanted me to do.  Mr. Darron Thomas has a website and facebook page called Southern Sports and Travel.  He did a story about Adam and within a few weeks I received a phone call from the Headmaster at Manchester Academy.  Mr. Dendy explained to me where he read Adam’s story and proceeded to ask me if I would be willing to speak at his school. OMG! God was revealing his plan to me more and more and I was scared too death.  Of course, I said I would but not without my heart going into my throat.  After that phone call I begin to pray, God are you for real?  I needed more confirmation that he was.  The day before I was going to Yazoo City, Mississippi I was at therapy with Adam.  I overheard a therapist talking to another patient and Yazoo City was mentioned.  I had never heard of Yazoo City until Mr. Dendy called.  I knew when I heard that, God was for real.  On March 5th me, Elliot, Toby, Ryder and Adam headed to Yazoo City.  The drive was four hours, which was a very long time for me to think about what I was going to do.  We arrived at Manchester Academy and I gave a 16 minute speech.  I did not pass out or throw up therefore I claim it successful.  I was so nervous I didn’t say half of what I wanted to, but I think what I did say got my point across. We drove for 8 hours that day for a 16 minute speech and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I want to thank everyone at Manchester Academy for being so awesome and welcoming.  This school is amazing.  The staff and students were so polite.  By the grace of God, I think I’ve overcome my fear.  I’m sure I’ll be nervous for the next time, but each time will get better and better.  I am looking forward to doing another.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who lifted us up in prayer that day!

Please continue to pray for Adam’s complete healing.  I hope you all have an amazing, safe weekend.  Please don’t forget to like and share Adam’s facebook page.  Hopefully soon I will be using this for seatbelt and TBI awareness.  I’ve added a few new pics of how well Adam is doing under the photo section.