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I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year!  We did something new this year and really enjoyed it.  All 17 of us were at mom and dad's house Christmas Eve and Santa came for 9 kiddos.  It was really nice being able to do that.  I'm almost positive after three days of it mom and dad were happy to see some weed out. 

Since Adam's hospitalization two months ago he has been doing really well.  When we first came home he worried me a little because he slept so much and didn't want to participate with anything.  When he had the seizure the neurologist at OLOL increased his keppra to the max daily dose and added Depakote three times a day.  I felt certain it was the addition of Depakote.  His neurologist weened him off of it and Adam slowly started getting back to where he was before the seizure.  He is now back to our Adam and doing well.  He has not experienced anymore seizures and has not had agitation issues.  Praise God!  Since the holidays we have not been able to do much therapy because of the holidays, the other kiddos being sick, or because of the rain.  Hopefully the rain will stop and Adam can get back into action.  The few days he did go to therapy he did well. 

I finally contacted the International Brain Research Foundation in New Jersey.  Dr. DeFina contacted me the next day through email and told me to contact his office at the beginning of the next week.  After a few weeks I was able to talk to Dr. Fellus and we began setting everything up.  The success rate for these doctors helping TBI patients is 85%.  The doctors will come here and do a complete evaluation on Adam.  They will be able to tell exactly which parts of his brain are dormant and which are not.  They will take their information back to New Jersey and come up with a treatment plan specifically for Adam.  The plan will occur over a year period.  As soon as I take care of them financially they will set a date to come see Adam.  There are some finances in the works so I am praying they come through.  I know that if this is God's will for Adam the funds will be provided.  I'm so ecstatic about what they can do for Adam.  This stage of our journey is HUGE and could mean big things for Adam in 2013.  They don't promise giving back Adam 100%, but they do promise improvements.  Nothing they do can harm him and has no side effects.  If he gains the use of one arm and is able to do for himself it will all be worth it.  Please pray for this foundation and the mighty things God is allowing them to do.

I also want to ask for specific prayers for the CPS class of 2013.  This would be Adam's senior year.  This class had endured so much the past few years.  On Dec. 10 they lost another dear classmate, Brice Harris.  Please keep Brice's precious family and friends in your prayers.  Brice was an amazing kid with an amazing spirit.  Brice's smile was contagious.  Many lives were touched by Brice.

I have created a facebook page for Adam that will allow everyone to get daily updates.  The page is Praying Stafford Strong.  Please go like and share Adam's page to get more updates.  I will continue to update caringbridge, but it's easier to do daily on FB because I can do it from my phone.  I can also share his pics.

God bless you all and thank you for continuing to pray and support Adam's recovery!!

Love, Haylie