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Adam’s Story

Adam was out with friends and got into a scrape.  Since then, it has turned into a serious situation.  He is at Regions suffering from complications from a head injury.  

We'll use this page to keep everyone up to date.  

Latest Journal Update

A Note About my Family

Nobody deserves to lose a child ESPECIALLY to a violent
act.  However, I can’t help but feel that
this is somehow more unfair because of who my in-laws are. 

Many years ago, after a difficult (but teenagey) breakup my
father pulled me aside and suggested that I focus on finding girls with similar
values to the ones that I grew up with. 
When I got to know Karen and Tim, I knew he would approve.

I’m sure my mother-in-law will be mortified that I’ve put it
in writing (she’s that strong Swedish type that is uncomfortable with praise)
but they are strong, hard-working, caring people who put a lot of faith in God
(even in the tough times) and family. 
They bore the world a caring, hardworking, goal driven oldest daughter; a
fun, caring, and somewhat chatty J
middle daughter; and their gregarious, caring youngest child who we all love. 

Contrary to popular belief, our move from tropical Florida
to the ridiculous climate that is Minnesota (not my native Ohio) was never a
given.  My parents are significantly
older than Tim and Karen and I was not on-board with staying away from
home.  Through many discussions with a
trusted Christian advisor, and a lot of prayer and discussion, I came to
realize that my Minnesota family offered my future children a sense of family
and community that was simply not available in Ohio given my parents age and
life situation.

This was good, because it wouldn’t be long after we learned
that we were going to have a baby that we discovered that dad had a very
serious form of cancer.  Had I not taken
the time to prayerfully think through my decision – I could have resented the
move.  Instead, I turned to Karen for
counsel.  She had lost her mother a few
years earlier.  She became my closest
advisor – a role that she has played for many, many people.  Her quite words of wisdom and understanding
and the sheer ability to just have someone to vent to – who understood my
family’s plight – made a LOT of difference.

When the babies started to come, I saw a new side to my
father-in-law.  I’m sure at some point in
human history there was a man who doted on his grandchildren more, but I doubt
that there are many in that fraternity. 
He is an honest, hardworking man who shows up every day for my
kids.  Every day. 

I suppose that it is cliché to say, but these things happen
to OTHER families not to mine… except when they do.  On this side of heaven, you are not protected
from sin and death – even if you are not the one behind it.  Sometimes a spilled drink in a bar ends up
spiraling into the unfair and unreasonable death of a loved and cared for man…
and sometimes a family that has done everything right gets handed something
very, very wrong. 

That’s what has made this so much harder:  our deep sense of loss was coupled by this
terrible sense of injustice (not for the accused – who will stand his day in
court), but for my in-laws who have lived close to God and community and
steered their children in the same direction. 

And through all of this, their quite strength still
supported all of us.  I’m very proud to
be a member of this family in this difficult hour and look forward to the healing
process as it progresses.