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The holidays were great.. We had a wonderful Christmas with the kids. We went to Tims side of the family on Christmas Eve and the kids loved it having so many other kids around to play with besides each other.. They actually got a long and was well behaved!! Austin did manage to fall up the stairs (yes UP) and break his pinky finger.. We went to Glennon Ortho and they casted it for 3 weeks.. He just got the cast off and is doing well.. Everything looks good ..  Christmas Day we had My dad and his family over for a bit and then my Mom and Tims bio mom came out and spent the evening with us.. It was really a nice time and the kids loved it.  We had a really nice first Christmas together with Tim :)   

Phoebe has been doing well, keeping her well is a challenge as always but so far we have only had one nasty round of upper respiratory issues and we are in the middle of fighting that now .. other than that she is doing MUCH better in school. Not in trouble quite as much as she had been.. We have found that if she dont see Jeff the morning of or alot the night before, she does fine.. When she is around him the next day or that morning she is horrible at school and misbehaves to a point they talk bout expelling her she gets so nasty.. I dont understand it.. but whatever it takes I guess to keep her behaving.. Ugh frustrating but whatever.. I dont know if its due to the fact she is wanting his attention and she figures that she will get it that way or what but when she would be that bad she would spend the evening in her room. so it backfired on her..  So far so good.. I think we may have gotten thru to her that misbehaving that bad was not getting her "attention" but getting her isolated from everyone.  So we will see if it continues.. Other than this she is doing pretty well..  Treatments are going well, she dont cry near as much when we go to start it now. Thankfully cuz that just killed me.. Sticking your own child as they scream bloody murder just tears your heart out! She is sooo funny now tho.. she says. since I turned 5 (Dec 14th) Im a big girl and dont cry anymore with my treatment.. Gotta love it :)  then today she decides that sticking beads in her ear was fun.. she said it was because she wanted ear rings so she put them "in her ear" ! lol ugh so tomorrow I will call her ped and see if they can remove it.. 

Adam is been doing ok, he has been getting really tired lately and just blah looking.. he says he is too tired to move a lot of times and spends quite a bit of time in his room playing on his bed or  coloring.  He will go in spurts of energy.  He looks so pale and dark eyed lately but I dunno what to do bout it.  If we can get them to sleep all night maybe he wouldnt be quite so bad at night.  Other than that he is doing pretty good for the most part.  School is going well.. he is mostly A's with a couple B's! He just won a coloring contest from his school too 1st place! He does pride himself with that.. maybe he is a artist in the making.. who knows.. but he LOVES to color / draw and does a pretty good job at it.. His coloring is amazing.. He goes to Neuro the 30th of Jan.. going to talk to them about switching meds for pain so he can start on Luvox so his OCD that is getting out of control can be someone managed.  that seems to be the biggest issue with him atm.   We will see.. 

Austin is doing pretty good.. Grades are still great.. mostly A's! His "seizures" have stopped.. as sudden as they started they stopped.. we havent had an episode in over a month almost 2!  Thankfully that has settled down.  He is back to his "sweet cuddly" self :)   All his appointments have gone well and good reports.. other than his lower muscle tone he's doing well..:) 

Andy is doing great... School is going well, no bad days, or anything at school! At home he is doing great.. He has really stepped up and become more helpful around here since Jeff isnt around much.  He is doing great :) We are so proud of him! :)  Its amazing how big my "baby" boy is getting! He is turning into a very handsome and nice young man! :) Makes me so proud.. 

Tim and I are doing great and things are going well:)  Still trying to get the mobile grooming biz going.. other than that we are doing ok and moving forward.. We had a wonderful night out last night at the Mane Event. It was a fundraiser for Chakota Therapeutic Riding Center.  We had a wonderful dinner, auctions, music, dancing and great friends!   It was a really nice night for the both of us to get out w/o the kids and not have to worry :)  It was much needed and did us both good :) 
Take care and God Bless