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What a few weeks again.. it seems to never slow down.. On Oct 7th, we had to put Kaiser (Ky) down, he was in congestive heart failure and was starting to get really bad.  it was heartbreaking for everyone.. Andy did really well tho and we buried him at Tim's Family Farm (thanks Angie & Boone!) so the kids could go visit.. his dad said he is going to make a plaque of sorts to put by him.. The kids really liked this idea so they could visit him.. They didn't take it as hard as I thought, or at least they are not showing it at the moment.. Adam is bout the only one who "gets" it out of the 3 lil ones.  It was a really hard day for us, but Ky was resting peacefully and in my lap, and Andy n Tim were there petting him and talking to him as well.. I truly believe it was peaceful for him.   For those who dont know Ky's history, he was Andy's service dog when he was younger and REALLY needed the sensory "guard" from the world.. Ky went everywhere with us, stores, out to eat, even on a plane ride to VA.  He worked hard for Andy and then when the lil ones came along he started helping with them on his own. He was such a smart and very in tune dog even when he was sick here at the end he was still bringing you things he found on the floor, and helping comfort whoever needed it.  
We also have another DCFS case against Me this time.. due to.. get ready for this one... "following Austin's doctors Orders" .. translated into "physical harm/ neglect" .. are you Freaking Crazy!!!???? seriously!?? Since when does doing what your doctors say a Freaking crime to DCFS!? I dont get it.. and I know it was someone from the school .. They were the only other ones that knew bout the possible drug interaction.. which I have repeatedly asked the docs about and they repeatedly have told me its not the med!  So wth can I do bout it?? Ignore the 4 docs working with him on this? seriously?? then Id have a freaking case bout neglect cuz I wasnt following up with Docs.. I cant seem to win with these idiots no matter what way I go.. and it is quite frankly very ANNOYING!! I do what I can do, follow the docs orders and do what is best for my kids.. but yet IM the bad parent.. wth gives ppl!? this is crazy BS!  ugh nuff ranting just so flustered at the system at the moment..   This next 3 weeks is going to be crazy busy again.. its our 6month work ups for the kids.. April/May and Sept/Oct are CRAZY!  gotta love it tho, I would have to say my life would be boring if I wasnt kept so busy.. but then again , maybe Id be able to do more "fun" things with the kids! who knows.. wouldnt trade em for the world!  I will try to at least update weekly on the appointments coming up since there are so many of them.. 

Andy is doing pretty good.. getting close to the driving portion of his Driver's Ed class!! Actually this  coming friday they will start! OMG I am NOT ready for this!!! lmao hard  to believe my "baby" is 16 still! He is doing really good in school tho.. had a few days of agitation but other than that he has been fine.  He is still into his gaming really heavy.. I think eventually he will start to enjoy other things.. he is really wanting to learn to go hunting and such.. and I think he is at an age now we can do that with him.. he has a better understanding of guns and what not. I am hoping we can get him to at least go see what its like to see if he is really interested..  We will see.. Tim said he is going to try to get him out at least once hopefully this year so he can see what it is like to see if its worth any investment into it for him.. So we will see.. 

Austin is doing ok.. now that we know what his "seizures" look like, we can identify them more and he is having more than we realized.. It is hard to tell sometimes, and I always go into the it's a tantrum, not a seizure mode, until its obviously a difference.  So when it does turn out to be a seizure, now I feel bad.. ugh! If he was going to have seizures, couldnt they at least have been "common" ones so I knew wth they were!? ugh!   School isnt helping it either putting their noses in where they should be supporting the docs not against them and me!    Other than that, Austin is doing great in school Parent Teacher conferences are coming up the last week in Oct.. I know his work has been mostly A's which is great.. he is really smart and catching on quickly.  We are so proud of him!  I really love his teacher this year! Mrs. T is awesome, and very in tune with her kiddos and that makes sooo much difference!  Behavior is doing well at home for the most part.. we have days but who dont!  

Adam is doing ok as well.. still having lots of yellow/red days at school, but still mostly for talking out.. Ok so what is out there to make him keep quiet!? LoL Gotta love it , but he is so inquisitive and loves to talk.. so what do ya do?!  He is still fairly stable and maintaining at this point which is a good thing for us.. he is still having his up n down days but not as bad now that it is cooling off.. Thank goodness for Fall! He has been able to play outside more and is loving it so much! I feel so bad over the summer, not being able to play outside like most of the others, but he has adapted pretty well I think. We will try to take a few trips to STL to the zoo and the gardens again with him before winter hits and its just plain nasty outside.. He loves going to the gardens as well as the other kiddos.. Odd they prefer the gardens over the zoo.. hmmm I also think Im gonna let him use my old camera and have him take pics since he loves it..  May have a young photographer on my hands! He can pick up my camera and take some hella shots to be honest at only 6! So why not let him explore :)  

Phoebe is doing well too so far no colds/infections with the weather change! YAY!   I mean I KNOW its gonna happen, and I KNOW its gonna happen soon, but at the moment she is healthy and cant ask for more!  We did take her out of the school districts PreK and just letting her go to the SmartStart daycare's PreK.. Its just as good, and much more convenient! I dont have to worry bout being home to get her off bus then take her to daycare specially on days when the boys have Doctor appointments..  She is doing better at writing her name finally! Now to just get her to believe us that her middle name is NOT Wayne that it is Mae!!!!!! LMAO she swears her name is Phoebe Wayne Grover!  Oi! cute but school is not amused like I am.. lol  so we are working hard on that one!  Other than that she is doing great in school with a few minor behavior things, but nothing severe.  She did get put on clonidine now as well mid morn and bedtime to help with the drop off of the adderall.. so we shall see today how that works.. it worked great for bedtime last nite, as I was told (I was in bed not feeling well and Tim took care of the kids for me!) So anxious to see what daycare says bout nap time and such today! 

God Bless!!