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Things have been interesting around here thats for sure lately.. everyone is for the most part staying healthy.. For us thats a big thing!  I am doing ok, run ragged a lot from all the Doctor appointments but thankfully Ive had some wonderful help.. Tim has been a God send to me for all the help with the kids.. Ive actually been able to catch a break off n on..  

Adam has been doing ok in school.. lots of yellow and red lights and most of them are from talking out.. its like all of a sudden he cant be quiet! LoL I mean I know he has a mouth on him but geez! He just dont know when to be quiet.. We are working very hard on this so he can start getting more green days!   Back on the 16th of Aug.. we had a HUGE incident with Adam receiving the wrong meds.. I had told Jeff he was already medicated and when he took him home just to put him to bed.. well his mom was over and he told her to medicate Adam.. and instead of calling to double check which meds.. she assumed and gave Adam Andy's meds instead! We wound up in TCU  at Cardinal Glennon for 2days due to the over dose and wrong meds.. out of the 48 there he was sleeping almost 42 of it!  OMG I was livid at the level of stupidity that caused that to happen.. Any other time I would have gotten 20 phone calls to ask if things were ok to have or to get or to this or that.. but the ONE time it was something like meds.. I dont get a call.. GRRRRRR!!  Jeff texted me like 3 times the whole time we were there to check on Adam.. which quite frankly pissed me off!  ugh!  Tim was there with me at the hospital.. which Im glad he was.. cuz at least then I had someone there when I broke down, which I wont lie I did.. I was scared to death that my Baby was going to die ! It was a very scary , specially the first 24 hours!  He did fully recover from the incident thankfully!   We were very lucky there was a few hours between the meds or we could have been in a whole new world of issues!   Then just last weekend Jeff was "watching" the kids and left meds lay outside when he ran inside and Adam for some crazy reason decided it was time to take his bedtime meds only an hour 20 min after his 2pm dose! UGH  .. luckily because it was his own meds.. and there was an hour between.. he was ok we didnt even have to go to the ER for that one.. just close monitoring.. (being able to monitor vitals at home is soooo nice!!)  Other than those incidents, Adam has been doing pretty good.. he has his own room now and is loving it :) We took the playroom and gave it to him so he is out of my bedroom.. He is doing really well.. now to just get him to sleep all night and past 4am!! blah! to damn early!   Being on the O2 at night is working great, he is seeming to rest better and his color is by far better!  So 02 is staying..  His health for the most part at this time, is pretty stable.. We are going to have them check him for seizures though just to make sure since we are having the weird outbursts of behaviors that they say can be a seizure.. so we will see.. 

Phoebe is doing great.. so far she has been fairly healthy as well and only had one round of a slight cold... She is doing really well with her treatments at home.. She is in PreK now and loving it.. only bad thing is that the timing isnt working out.. cuz they are having the PreK in trention.. our daycare for her will not pick up in Trenton.. and the bus will not drop off at daycare cuz it is on the other side of county line road.. GRRR! So when the boys have appointments, then I have no way to get her off the bus and transported to Daycare.. w/o bothering someone and that is bull on the schools part personally.. So I have talked bout pulling her from the Districts PreK and just letting her go to the daycare .. they are doing a accredited PreK curriculum , at least with it, it would be consistent so I am going to pull her Monday.. Will make everyone's life so much easier.. specially mine!   She is learning a lot and doing well if she would just SLOW down!! LoL  .. They also started Phoebe on Adderall for ADHD combined for her as well now... It is working really well for school n such to keep her sitting and payin attention.. :) yay!  

Andy is doing pretty good too.. had a few rough spots in drivers ed.. refusing to do his homework, but he has since decided he needs to do this..  Health wise he is doing great!  he is turning into such a handsome young man.. where did the time go!?? I swear he was just 5 the other day!!!   He is doing great tho and again so far this school year things are going great for him! Im so very proud!! :) 

Austin has been my challenge the last few weeks.. we just found out on Sept 21st, 2011 that Austin is having Gelastic seizures!  Looking back it probably started bout 1 1 /2 years ago.. they are commonly known as laughing seizures because the person gets a burst of "emotional" energy.. Austin's starts out laughin but ends up he becoming violent.. it's a big safety issue with him.. They said they can try doing a form of Valium  on him while he is having one and that should "calm" it down so they are going to give us a "waffer" of sorts to put in his mouth to help stop the seizures quicker... now waiting on Insurance..   Anyways.. he is doing pretty good.. Academically he is doing awesome!! for the most part its straight A's ! We are soooo proud of him!   OH.. he also met with the Make A Wish granters and he wants to go to Kentucky Horse Farm and they are working on it for him!   He is sooo excited!  he is also still helping and riding at Chakota and loving every minute !!  Its amazing to sit back and think only a year ago he would not even Get close to a "real" horse and now you cant keep him away!!  he goes right out there in the middle and does it all and just smiling ear to ear and happy as a lark out there!! Its really nice seeing him so happy and not having a care in the world!  

Well I guess I can try to get some sleep.. we have sessions tomorrow at Chakota and then we are heading down to see Tims family...  This alone should be interesting!! but.. Roadtrip here we come!!! :D  Boy am I brave or dumb!? lol..   We will see depends on the day! lol   
Well  we will see...
   Love you all!

God Bless