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Schools out! What does that mean for us.. well, it means Phoebe will continue to go to daycare/preschool and Austin has started there for the summer program.. and he is doing GREAT!!  Andy is in school till the 8th and Adam well he is at home with me.. So far so good.. I have started Adam back on his risperidal and the last week of school was a HUGE success! He had a WHOLE week with nothing but Smiley's!! WTG Adam!   I was so proud of him!  Sooo we wait till new doctor June 14th and hopefully we can continue the meds and keep him on the up swing of behavior.. He has been so sweet!!  Not saying he is perfect but definatly better!  Memorial weekend we spent Sat/Sun/Mon at the Ranch and the kids had a great time.. They were really worn out but had fun even had one night they slept on the barn floor (well for a while before we went home).. But if you ask them, they camped in the barn! LoL   They all did well and had so much fun and running around and playing and just overall being a kid :)   Only bad thing is that for 5 days afterwards.. Adam was really really down.. laying around sleeping off and on all day, sleeping all night, laying around again and just super quiet.. by day 3 I was a bit concerned but just kept an watchful eye out and he seemed  to pull out of it ok.. With the heat, he is tiring quicker and  then taking longer to "recoop" from it...  We noticed too that Austin is starting to show signs of heat intolerance and we need to start watching him close now too...     Austin is doing soo much better with his Cpap mask and going to bed since we made "bedtime" and "cpap" passes, and if he goes to bed w/o a fight and stays there.. he gets 10 min on the Wii , and if he goes to bed with his cpap mask and dont fight it, he gets another 10 min on the Wii... so far so good! He is doing sooo much better I am so proud of him!  Other than that Austin is stable at the moment and doing pretty good.. Leg pains at night and headaches are still his main complaint but doin pretty good on upped meds..   Phoebe is doing pretty good health wise for now, FINALLY got her over what ever she had for the last 4months!  She is FINALLY not all hoarse and sick sounding! YAY! Treatments are going well and even tho she really dont like em, she does em for us still.    Andy is getting ready for summer break and I know he is excited since he is getting a "real summer" this year!  Then begining of school Aug 12.. he will start with drivers ed!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!  My baby is growing up! It also makes me feel so blasted old! LoL.. Andy has had an Amazing year and not had even one  restraint or outburst!! I could not be more proud of him for that HUGE achievement! 

Ive been keeping busy as well going to the ranch. .(chakota trc)  I LOVE it out there, the ppl the atmosphere, the acceptance , the understanding and patience!!!  The kids are "normal" out there and they love being around the horses and helping with them.. Austin is enjoying it more than anyone.. He has a "new horse"  April.. Babe & Prince have hit the history books with him!! I NEVER thought Id see that day but here we are ! April is a therapy horse and when he starts riding he has put his request in VERY Loudly that he wants to ride her! LoL  Kay & Dave are awesome and love every child out there as their own!  Austin has also come to love helping Dave bring in the horses... even if it is manning a gate or stall door.. He likes to help feed them and of course grooming them too..  Altho he rather be next to April petting and hugging her, he likes to help too :)   Its so hard to believe that less than a year ago he was soooo afraid of a "real" horse and now, he is out in the pastures with them, walking them in, mingling with them , learning how to properly be around them and how to do things with and for them.. It still makes me tear up how everything unfolded with him and his love for horses..  
Adam is enjoying them as well, and likes to help , but dont seem to have a favorite one yet. .. and Phoebe I dont think really cares one way or another, she just likes the freedom of the ranch and the open space to run and play .. (burn off some energy! LoL)  They all enjoy it out there so a BIG Thank You to Kay & Dave!!  Keep doing what your dreaming and keep dreaming what your doing!! Its such an awesome thing you have going there!! to check it out you can go to   .. if you go to the website you can see some of the amazing things that they have and can do!

Well its late, Im trying to get back on a sleep at night get up in the morning  shift.. OH! Jeff got a REAL Job!! They provide the truck, tools AND uniforms!  So no more "working to put gas in truck "!!   SO anyways.. I will try to update after appointments more   Off to bed for me!! 

God Bless!! <3