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Abby’s Story

Abby was diagnosed on September 26th, 2012 with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She completed her first treatments in March of 2013. Abby relapsed and started treatment again on 9/23/13. In February, Abby headed to The Mayo Clinic where she received a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) from an unknown, heroic donor. After many scary complications, Abby was declared "in remission" on April 2nd. She's still got months of doctors appointments ahead to carefully monitor the BMT.

AML is a type of leukemia that is usually found in adults and it is rare for people under 40. AML is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow--the spongy tissue inside bones where blood cells are made. Acute means that it is a rapidly progressing cancer. Abby was only eight years when she was diagnosed. She is ten now.

Latest Journal Update

October 2014

Hello all, 
I realized that I haven't updated in 4 whole weeks and thought that it was about time. Abby has been doing great! They are weaning her VERY slowly off of her steroids. She still isn't in school but her teacher or Jackie comes almost every weeknight to tutor her. She is doing very well considering that she basically missed two years of school. 

I have to tell you about a fabulous adventure that Abby had yesterday. She was asked to be a part of a Superhero Adventure to celebrate Love Your Melon Day. When Miracles of Mitch contacted us to see if she would be interested in being a part of it I didn't realize that it was going to be so amazing. 

The Love Your Melon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization run by college students on a mission to put a hat on every child battling cancer in America. For every hat sold, another identical hat is given to a child battling cancer. Through funding from this Buy One – Give One program and donations, the Love Your Melon Foundation provides therapeutic entertainment and comfy hats to children battling cancer during the difficult cancer treatment process. (http://loveyourmelon.com/) If you need a hat, please consider buying from them. 

So Abby's evening began on Tuesday night. We met the two people she would be paired with, Jules and Nikki. They had signed up as a team for the Superhero Adventure Challenge to sell hats for LYM. The top 5 teams in the nation were chosen to come to MN and take part in the Love Your Melon Day. We had dinner with them and then headed off to bed at the Commons Hotel in Minneapolis. 

The next morning we had breakfast and then all the teams dressed up.  Abby chose Thor as her Superhero. She made a great Thor and so did Jules and Nikki. We hopped in the limo and the next stop was the Ronald McDonald House to donate hats from LYM. After that we headed to the Anoka Airport and Abby and her team got to ride in a helicopter and in an airplane. Abby even got to fly the plane! Fox news came to do a story on the event (keep in mind that only 5 kids were chosen for this-something I didn't realize when we were asked to take part). Here is a link for the news story: http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/26868033/love-your-melon-day-packed-with-adventure-for-kids-wit...

We headed in the limo to The National Sports Center and the kids and their teams got to meet Matt Blair of the MN Vikings and James Matthew Van Oekel, one of the MN United FC Soccer players. They played on the soccer field for a while and then we hopped back in the limo and headed to the Mazda dealership and rode in the Miracles of Mitch race car, a Bentley or a Maserati. After that we headed to the Mississippi to a yacht for a river ride. The day rounded out with a celebration on the yacht. IT WAS AMAZING. I can see why Abby gets bored easily. (haha) Here is a short clip of the day: http://loveyourmelon.com/blogs/love-your-melon-blog/15697724-love-your-melon-day-2014-recap-video

Abby is heading to South Dakota this weekend with her Dad, Marty. She is going to have a blast as they are heading to a ranch and there will be lots of Abby type things (aka: baby pigs). Next week she heads to the Mayo on the 31st for check-ups and then we will rush back home for Halloween, her favorite holiday. 

Thanks everyone!
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Sarah Simpson
By Sarah & Dave
Abby, you ARE a super hero even without the cape! We're so glad you get to have some fun adventures, after all you have been through you deserve a lot of sunshine and happiness. Looks like a ton of fun!

Great idea to buy some of those hats for the holiday season!

Have a fun weekend, love ya- kiddo.
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Wendy Wakeman
By Wendy Wakeman
Without looking closely at her picture, I was afraid that Abby was in some new, medical contraption! Thus, I was very happy to hear that she is doing well and about her exciting day of adventure. Thanks for updating; glad to hear that she is feeling better.
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Betsy Brown Theis
By Betsy Brown Theis
And Abby deserved every minute of her special day!
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Deanna Hofmeister
By Deanna Hofmeister
Abby, you are my total SUPERHERO! So proud of you! Your Superhero day makes me tired just reading your post! Stay strong and enjoy your Halloween! Hope we get to see pictures!
Deanna Hofmeister
(Mikaela's Aunt)
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Karrin Lick
By Karrin Lick
Rozalinda Sitler
By Rozalinda Sitler
Great that you got to do this.
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Jennifer Waters
By Jennifer Waters
What a fantastic time she looks to have had
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Christine Theis
By Christine Theis
What an awesome adventure!! Exciting!! SO glad to hear that Abby is doing well!!
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