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Authors Assisted by Angels

On my drive into Stillwater yesterday, I thought about last summer, just a year ago, when I made daily trips to New Richmond for radiation.  Was it really me?  Did I really have breast cancer? On the outside, I no longer have signs of cancer treatment.  But I am changed.  And then I met Laura, for the first time - in Cub Foods - doing what is considered an everyday, normal task.  And on the outside, no one would know what life has presented for her to endure.  We don’t carry battle scars, but then nor do the others who walked around us in the produce section.  I suppose that is a good thing. But experiencing life’s challenges with faith that there are angels by your side allows for a new understanding of the internal shifts in our essence.   It may not be recognized in the normal settings of our lives, but the connectedness with one another on earth is apparent for some of us, in ways others may never experience.  In the moment of a simple hug, surrounded by potatoes and tomatoes, I understood ours. 

One day a a time, and life can shine through in writing and dancing, in songs and prayers.  Angels watch over us all.  :-)   So glad to have finally connected with the mom of Zach, who I mention several times in my book.

You’ll need 25 minutes and a box of kleenex to watch One Year Later - but it’s real stuff and worth the time.

Hugs to all.