On Monday, Dr. Fox added me to her schedule - we met up at Lakeview for her to do a local anesthetic and take out my infusion port...  It's OUT and I am DONE!  Since you have dared to look at all other photos I have posted, this one won't load on CB.  So, to see a pic of the port , go to my FB page although it appeared purple in the operating room, this photo makes it look pink = appropriately so!

The hard cover of the book has been delayed, but I was told there is a delivery date set for Amazon...hoping you get your copies, soon.  I have two speaking engagements in July, one this fall, and have had to decline another due to my school schedule.  One day at a time - a normal summer at Mallard with the boys is about to begin!

Hugs to all!  :-)

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4 Replies

lee ann Overman
By lee ann
Enjoy the summer.
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Tom Nyman
By Tom Nyman
Great news on port removal. Happy summer😄
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Jeneane Flipp
By Jeneane
Great news that you are done!
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