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Abby’s Story

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Abby became sick June 29th. We started the day getting packed up to go to Nana and Papa's house. Abby began to complain of an earache, so I ran her to Stat Care, where she was diagnosised with swimmers ear. She was given ear drops and we were on our way. About half way to Grand Island, Abby complained of feeling nauseated. I gave her some Phenergan, thinking that the fluid in her ears was making her sick. Abby slept most of the day, and later that night had a 104 fever. The next day she woke up feeling pretty puny, still running a low grade fever, and we headed for home.

Sunday, July 3rd, Abby kept me up all night complaining that her tummy hurt, and her arms hurt. I got up that morning and talked to Chris and we decided that I should take her to the ER. We were pretty sure that she had a hot appendix. After much testing, her appendix was ok, but her labs were a little off. It looked like she had a really bad viral infection. I was offered the chance to have her admitted, but I though "It is just a viral infection, I can handle this at home."

By July 4th, Abby was worse. She could not lift her arms to take a drink. She was in pain in her abdomen, and her arms. She was listless. I tried to keep her hydrated, we were going in to the Dr. the next morning....

By the next morning, she was even worse. She could not even use her arms. I was scared to death, as was Chris. I took her to see Dr. Sharma, who immediately sent us to the hospital to be admitted. She was hospitalized for 4 days, and released on Friday July 8th. She was doing better.

Between July 11th and July 17th, we made several visits to Dr Senseman. She was at her wits end trying to figure out what was going on. Her labs would get better and then worse. It was finally decided that we needed to go on to a larger facility with pediatric subspecialties to figure out what was wrong with Abby.

That brings us to Monday, July 18. I make a phone call to Dr Fran Harrison in Omaha. He was Emma's pediatritian, after she was born, and a great doctor, and a good friend. I explained to him what was going on, and he said he would talk to Dr. Senseman in the morning, but he would take her on as a patient.

The rest of the story will be in the journal. We are so blessed to have had the care we have received in Salina and Omaha. If it wasn't for Drs. Senseman and Sharma taking such good care of her in Salina.... If it wasn't for Dr. Senseman being able to say, I don't know what is wrong, you need to go on.... If it wasn't for Dr. Fran accepting us as patients, and saying come on up, we'll get you set up with some specialists....

All in all we are so blessed to have all of you in our lives to give us love and support!

We love you all! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Latest Journal Update


Sorry about my delay in updating!  It is crazy here, as always....  
Thanks to EVERYONE who supported us in the Milestones walk!  We did GREAT, coming in second once again.  I don't think there has been another team that has been as consistent  as ours!  
I know I said that we were going to have a big announcement after the walk, and it is really not that exciting!  We have decided to stop posting on Abby's Caringbridge page.  It was a hard decision, however, we are feeling so BLESSED for her health, and ready to move onto something a little different!  We have actually found that we LOVE the whole "blogging" thing, keeping track of our family in journal form!  So, what we are asking you to do is follow us, follow our family to a new website that is about ALL of us!  It is called   I can't promise that I will write something every day, or even every week, but we hope to see you there!  
Thank you all so much for the love and support you have given us and all of our friends throughout these years!  We could not have done this without you!  We will be keeping this site up, as I think there is a ton of really good information on this site for other families!  Please, feel free to contact me ANYTIME if you ever have questions about Abby's treatment!
Hope you follow us to Parked in Parker!