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Abbagale’s Story

This Caringbridge Page is for Abbagale Carson. Abbie was born on June 8th, 2004. We had a healthy pregnancy with no complications and none anticipated. We had a healthy baby girl:) or so we thought for 2 days.....

Make sure to sign her guestbook:) I read these messages to her and we love to hear from you:):) Thanks for checking on her and faithfully praying....

Abbagale is a very healthy{Thank-you GOD!} 5 year old princess. She has a very rare genetic disorder known as RCDP. We do not have any problems in our family and were shocked to find out something was wrong with our baby. We didnt get a diagnosis until she was over 3months old and boy was everyone,including the doctors surprised. Against all odds and alot of help from higher powers Abbagale is very healthy and only faces a few minor setbacks. We along with our church and anyone else that would like to join us are believing for TOTAL HEALING! Faith is not what you know GOD can do, but knowing what GOD WILL do. Please read her journal as often as you can and sign her guestbook. It is very encouraging to know that so many people care so much. Thanks in advance for all your prayers and support. Abbagale is our Perfect, Pretty Princess!