Hope this update finds everyone well:)

Abbie has been doing great and I have not took the time to update in 3 months???? Where does the time go? Well, Abbie has a new little brother and his name is Brody, I think she likes him and we are super blessed:):)

She weighs 20lb 11oz now and is 33.5 inches long. This is GREAT news and I am very excited for Abbie and all she can do. She CAN pull and hold her head up for a moment! She CAN walk 10 steps in her gaittrainer! She CAN say mama, i love you, and yea! She CAN grow and develop! She HAS lost 5 baby teeth just like any other child would do! She DID outgrow her stander and braces and have to get a new one that she loves! She DID outgrow her chair for school and got a new one also that she loves, is much more supportive, and helps her be the big girl she is!

I do need some prayer warriors at work. Abbies plasmalogen levels, long chain fatty acids, and DHA levels have been consistent with RCDP diagnosis since birth, BUT last year they were changed and almost at a normal level:):) We did redraw them on April 5, 2010 and got the results today, and her levels are back down??? Now everyone is stumped and we WILL find the answers!! This is bad news, but I know things could be worse, Abbie IS happy and healthy, so all numbers aside I AM VERY THANKFULL!!!!! I spoke with Dr. Braverman this evening and she along with her collegues are very curious as to what is going on. I know you moms understand this was devstating and unexpected news, so I had a good cry, got really mad, then decided I better pray. I feel like I may have an answer, her formula, I will be working on this tomorrow and getting her swapped back to a differant one to see what happens.

PLEASE PRAY for us to find the answer!!! Not only would this help Abbagale, but could also help her Rhizofriends all over the world. I pray that GOD is using Abbagale in a MIGHTY way, and I will be quick to listen to all instructions from GOD and know without a doubt when he speaks to me.

Also, please keep the Thomas family in your prayers, you can go to resources and click on JacksonThomas for up to date info on him.

Thank you so much for checking on us and all your prayers for Abbie and all her Rhizofriends.....