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Update for abbagale...

She is perfect, wonderful, and the most beautiful girl in the world:):):)

Abbie is growing up sooo fast and is definately a little girl now. She doesnt act like a baby or want to be treated like one. She has her own preferences and has for a long time, but now seems much more ademate for things to be her way. She weighs 19 lb and 9 oz and is 33 inches long:)

Abbie's favorite thing to do is say LOV, LOV to get your attention. If this doesn't work she throws a screaming, crying tantrum with REAL tears:( She really knows how to work people and her beautiful smile can get her anything.

SHe has had a fever, pneumonia and MRSA. All that is better and we pray for her to have a great rest of the winter. We miss our friends and church, but home is the best place for her. Please keep her and all our RHIZOKIDS in your prayers as it gets colder and yuckier.

The baby is growing fine with no signs of any problems:):):) We still do  not know boy or girl and Keith doesn;t want us to find out???????

THANKS fopr checking on Abbie and check out her new pictures. Yes, an update and pictures:):) HAPPY NEW YEAR