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Aaron’s Story

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 Aaron was rushed to the hospital today by his friends and has been treated for meningococcus, a bacterium that causes meningitis. Thank goodness his friends were so on the ball because the disease progressed very quickly.  He has severe sepsis, blood poisoning, which is a effect of the bacteria.  His blood is very thin although his circulation is poor which is causing less blood to flow to his feet and hands.  His kidneys are not working very well, and he may need dialysis as the night progresses.

Currently, the doctors and nurses at Cottage are taking very good care of him, but they are looking for relatively rare treatments by calling all the hospitals in So. Cal.  We are hoping that one of them will improve his circulation and get the blood flowing to his limbs!

We have put work on hold and will stay in Santa Barbara as long as necessary.  Betsy and Dave are helping out by hanging out at the hospital with us, asking intelligent questions, and providing lots of moral support.  We want all our family and friends to know how much we appreciate and value all your expressions of love and caring.  It's hard to reach out to each of you individually right now as we are so overwhelmed by the events of the day, but we will over the next few days.  Please tell anyone who wants to know how Aaron is doing to check this site.
Lots of love,
KIrsten and Mike

Latest Journal Update

Treated Like a King

Its been a month since we've shared an update on Aaron's progress.  Time flies when you're caught up in awe and admiration of his journey with prosthetics.

Aaron works with one of the country's finest prosthetic clinics.  His prosthetists have a combined 60 years of experience working with young athletes and injured servicemen.  Many have injuries far worse than Aaron's.  Many have become accomplished runners, triathletes, para athletes and business/societal leaders.  All are uniquely amazing and inspirational.

Aaron goes to his prosthetic clinic 3-5 times a week, each session lasts between 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours.  His legs are getting stronger and his skin/tissue is getting tougher.  His commitment to get back to UC Santa Barbara this fall remains unwavered.

Last night, Aaron was treated with VIP privileges to attend the LA Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks hockey game.  It was a thrilling game that went into overtime and then into a shootout.  After the game, Aaron visited the locker room and met two of the King's players, Dustin Brown-forward/team captain and Jonathan Quick-goalie.  Both were on the US Olympic Team.  Both were extremely generous with their time and offered words of encouragement. 

Aaron's network continues to expand.  He is meeting amazing people...all of whom are wonderfully supportive.  He is appreciative of the continued offers for support, services and financial assistance.  Everyone is aligned and engaged with Aaron's recovery and near-term goals. 

Overall, Aaron's doing well.   As we recognized from Day 1, his personality, resiliency and competitive spirit will enable him to prevail in this lifelong marathon.

Genuine thanks to all.
The Loys 
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25 Comentarios

Maria Milasinovic
By The Milasinovic family - Jack, Maria, Mateja, Stefan
We are so proud of everything he has accomplished to date! He is an amazing human being, and his determination and hard work have brought him so far. Our love to your whole family...
Claire Scholl
By Claire KEYT
Hello! This is Claire from KEYT in Santa Barbara. Thank you for keeping the community informed about Aaron's progress through this site. Wondering if there is a family representative I can talk to on the phone or email with? Can you please email me at claire.scholl@keyt.com or call me at 805-882-3930 thanks!
nancy meyn
By nancy meyn
Just ran into this quote and thought about Aaron and family.

"I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa
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Grace Holland
By Grace Holland
Hope The Loys are doing well! I am still praying with you all on this journey. I look forward to hearing about his return to UCSB in the fall :)
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JoNel Aleccia
Hi Loy family. It's JoNel Aleccia, a national health reporter with NBC News. So glad that Aaron is recovering so well. I'm putting together a larger story about families affected by MenB and the efforts to get the vaccine approved in the U.S. Is there a chance we might speak now? Please send an email to jonel.aleccia@nbcuni.com, or call my cell phone: 425-949-2736.
Craig Dean
By Coach Craig
Loys, thank you so much for keeping us all updated on Aaron's journey. I really appreciate it.
Aaron, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. So proud of you and all of the great things you are doing! Keep it up buddy. Hope to see you soon.
shelly winkler
By The Winkler Family
Fabulous news, although not surprising with Aaron's champion heart! We continue to be inspired by your character, attitude, determination, strength, and flat out buoyant spirit that itself is greatness! Keep up the good work! Its been wonderful to see you out and about with that ever present smile and beautiful face. What a fun treat with the Kings! And what a blessing all the team has been in the recovery process! Outstanding! Love and hugs! Still praying too!
Carolyn Foltyn
By Carolyn Foltyn
What an amazing spirit and a great heart! For certain, it will be a lifelong marathon, but it appears that Aaron is one of the few who is up to the task. He is inspiring to all of us!
Jenny Taylor
So glad that Aaron is meeting other inspirational and helpful people in his journey! Thank you for keeping everyone connected with the update. Way to go #4...you are thought of every day and not forgotten!
Jenny, McKenna & Shelby Taylor
Tabatha B
By Macy Baker
From Macy: That's so cool! i'm glad Aaron's getting better!