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Aaron's Neil Armstrong Moment

We’ve all been riding this unfortunate and unfathomable“roller coaster of life“ for nearly four months now.   Last Friday, the ride finally took an elating turn, which sent us over the moon.

Aaron had his long-awaited “Neil Armstrong moment.”   He took his “FIRST STEPS” (for the second time in his life).   Seeing him walk in his prosthetics was a joyous event…tearfully proud...SPECTACULAR.

Since returning home from the hospital, Aaron has been working to regain his strength and coordination.   He has been receiving daily massages to break down scar tissue to improve skin resiliency and flexibility.

We can’t say enough about Aaron’s medical team.  His doctors, nurses and therapists have invested thousands of hours to help Aaron return to his active lifestyle.  They’ve done a fabulous job and for that...we owe them dearly.  The baton has now been passed to Aaron’s prosthetic team.  Aaron's prosthetists are hugely experienced with trauma injuries to young athletes and our nation’s wounded soldiers.  Aaron could not be in better hands. 

Aaron’s journey to “full recovery” remains long and challenging.    It will have both uphill and downhill sections, setbacks and adjustments. 

But it was truly re-energizing to see Aaron’s smile as he took those “first steps.”  

We have no doubt that we’ll see him on the summit.  

Thanks've all been wonderful and helpful to Aaron.

Best Regards,

The Loys

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Carrie Tilbury
By The Tilbury family, UK
Aaron, this is fantastic news!! It is wonderful to see the photo of you standing and smiling! We hope you feel the sentiments of happiness and admiration from all who, like us, have followed you on your journey back to full recovery. Like others we have eagerly waited for uplifting news about your recovery from the Loy family entries over the last four months and reading the post brought tears to our eyes too, it was truly inspiring news!

May your inner-strength and fighting spirit, coupled with the wonderful support from your family and medical teams, allow you to reach your summit much earlier than you imagine as you so deserve to get there sooner than anyone else!! Our best wishes to you Aaron and all around you, keep on fighting and smiling!!
Deborah Schultz
Reading this post, brought tears to my eyes, as well!! Way to go, Aaron!!!! Who knows, maybe someday we will see Aaron on Dancing with the Stars!!!! I can't think of anyone more deserving!!!
Debralee Loke
By The Loke Folk
Yay!!! What fabulous news! Congratulations, Aaron. Lookin' GOOD!
Frederica Eder
By Love Fleeka, Michael, Simon, and Jamie Eder
Wow Aaron!!! This photo of you is so amazing and inspiring! We keep praying and rooting for you.
Craig Dean
By Coach Craig
So extremely happy for you buddy! Keep on pushing like we all know you will. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Can't wait to see you again.
Deb Atkin
By Nick Wallace
Amazing pic!! And so good to see Nick and Aaron together on the sidelines at the Notre Dame game. So appreciate Aaron's support for Nick, post transplant, last year. Happy to send some pics of Sat. L
Lots of love- Deb, Chris, Lexie and NICK'
Myra Kupchin
By Myra and Greg Kupchin
The Amazing Loy flies again.!
Smiles, smiles and more smiles
shelly winkler
By The Winkler Family
Soooo cool! Made my eyes water too, with pride and joy! Aaron, you never cease to amaze me with your strength, determination, hard work, and pure athleticism! Way to go!! I think the problem now will be stopping you from climbing to the summit now :) Terrific, and keep up the great job! Prayers continue, and the cheering from the sidelines! Beautiful smile! Love to you and the whole Loy clan!
Nancy/Harold Snowden
By The Snowden Family!!
AARON LOY STRONG!!!!! What wonderful and AMAZING news!! Aaron, you are a constant hero in our lives - as your daily strength and determination and FIGHT to win it.....come through in every painful and intense aspect of your recovery! Know that we are all right there with you, sending hugs and love, as you continue on up to the SUMMIT!!! Fight on friend........
karen swafford
By — last edited
So happy to hear the good news. What a beautiful moment for all of you!
The Swafford's