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No Pain...No Gain

Aaron’s condition continues to improve each day.   Having watched him practice and compete in multiple sports for the past dozen years…I haven't seen him persevere through such tearful workouts as he is with his current team of therapists.   As painful as each session is…Aaron knows that his path to full recovery has no shortcuts.

His overall body and various wounds continue to heal with his daily regiment of nutrition, therapy and rest.   His next surgery is scheduled for early next week.  Aaron's spirits and commitment to return to UCSB are remarkable.   The entire UCSD Medical staff are outstanding and are dedicated to help Aaron achieve his goals.

To date…all media/news teams have been very respectful of Aaron’s condition and are supportive in helping us address our committed interests:

1)  Raising awareness of the symptoms and early treatment nisseria (bacterial) meningitis

2)  Accelerating the approval and availability of the serogroup-B vaccination

3)  Raising appropriate resources for Aaron (and other victims) to fully recover from this devastating disease.

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Dan Hasler
By Kathy Hasler
Aaron I am praying for you and your family. Keep up your strong spirit. Heal and find peace.
Bob Anthony
By Bob Anthony
Dear Aaron, I hope today was a good day for you and I hope tomorrow is even better and the next day after that is even better than the day before. Stay strong and keep going. You may not know it but as we all pray and send healing thoughts your way each you warm all our hearts and inspire all of us when we hear of your healing and your progress. We are with you.
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Vanessa Beetham
By The Beethams
Hi Aaron just a Sunday morning reminder that you and your family are in our hearts and thoughts every day. Stay strong!
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Robin Missailidis
By Robin Missailidis
I challenge everyone who reads Aaron's post to make a $25 donation! Let's get cracking friends!
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Carrie Tilbury
By The Tilbury family, UK
Aaron, we are also pulling for you here in England! As painful as each of your workout sessions must be we know from your Lax team players that you have a wonderful fighting spirit and that you will achieve what you want to achieve!

We pray that your surgery next week goes well and that you will continue to improve and get better each day. We know that you will return to UCSB and achieve your goal, keep on fighting Aaron!
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Julie Bieler
By Julie Bieler — last edited
We are pulling for Aaron back here on the east coast...there is a brigade of prayer givers and well wishers here that are eager to learn of his progress and watch his spirit and body overcome this challenge. Aaron, you have already instilled awe in us for your determination and perseverance ....please keep it up Aaron, it's going to be okay and soon you will be back at UCSB to your studies!
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shelly winkler
By The Winkler Family
We are so in awe of Aaron's spirit. He does what he needs to do to move to the next level. What a star! We are all pulling for him and praying for success and improvement each day. I know the journey is difficult, but he meets each challenge with courage and determination. God bless him and his efforts! So glad to hear about the healing and positive actions, you are all amazing!
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The Vosseler Family
By The Vosseler Family
This is great news! Your friends from the 6th floor are waiting with open arms for your return. We send our love and prayers for a healthy recovery.
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Brian loy
By Reno Loys
Never give up. Never give in. Way to go Aaron!
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Linda Folsom
By Folsom's
Inherent in the definition of resiliency is that one has to suffer - your optimism, determination and hopeful spirit will help you endure and persevere - Aaron Loy - YOU are the epitome of resilience and a REMARKABLE young man! Your UCSB buddies are securing your housing for next year as planned! Each day is a fight and a victory and we are all rooting for you!
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