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Cardiff Kook joins Aaron's Contribution/Donation Team

The legendary Cardiff Kook has joined Aaron Loy's Contribution/Donation Team.

With the growing nationwide media coverage of Aaron's tragic neisseria meningitidis illness, numerous people and organizations have contacted us asking how they can contribute towards Aaron Loy's unreimbursed medical costs, specialized equipment needs and future athletic prosthetics.  

Two funds have been established to provide financial assistance to Aaron's recovery.

HelpHopeLive - In Honor of Aaron Loy
(Tax Deductible)

Aaron Loy Recovery Fund
(Gift / Non Tax Deductible)
Pacific Premier Bank
     781 Garden View Court, Suite 100
     Encinitas, CA 92024
If you have any questions regarding these funds or other fund raising activities...please contact
     Kimberly Renna - knrcpa@aol.com
     Kim Harvey - harveyfamily@roadrunner.com

With Aaron's passionate drive and competitive spirit, we are confident that he will return to UCSB and resume his athletic lifestyle as quickly as possible. 

Loy family thanks everyone for their heartfelt concern and generous support to Aaron.   
Please keep Aaron in your prayers.

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12 Comentarios

Debralee Loke
By Debralee, Marmaduke and Jarrett Loke xxo
Hi Kirsten, Mike, Lindsey and of course, AARON!!! So glad you are posting such positive news. Your good days make all of ours! We continue to send our love and best energy toward a fast healing. We're so excited that all the attention Aaron is receiving is leading toward an outpouring of community support. Of course Aaron will be back to UCSB and with new state of the art "stylin'" prosthetics, for sure! Love to you all. Here's to a healthier and more vibrant Aaron for Christmas!
shelly winkler
By The Winkler Family
Thinking of you and continuing to send love, prayers, and our best wishes for your recovery. When you are pushed beyond what you think you can do, may you find what you need to push just a little more. You have incredible spirit and I know you will triumph. Lots of love to all!
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Carrie Tilbury
By The Tilbury family, UK — last edited
Aaron, although we have never met you we know from Carl at UCSB that you are a great guy and are a respected member of the UCSB Lax team. In the UK we get to read your family updates a good 12 hours later then everyone else that side of the globe but when we do read them we are happy to read that you are coming through this ordeal! You have fought a brave fight and will continue to fight - good on you! You are never far from our thoughts and prayers so keep up the fighting spirit!
Stuart Grauer
By Sally
Hey Aaron! This is the big blue lady, speaking on behalf of myself and all the Grauers. You are constantly in our thoughts. We are so thankful that you put up such a gallant fight through this miserable illness and that you are still with us. You mean so much to us. I know I speak for thousands of people. I cry thinking about your suffering but also am so grateful that we didn't lose you because you are one of the coolest people on earth. You bring so much joy to us all. We can't wait for our next family adventure. So keep up the good fight knowing we are all cheering you on and won't stop being there for you. BTW this is a really good time to ask for things cause you could really reap in some cool stuff. We love ya Aaron! Can't wait to see you again!
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Melissa Masterson
Sitting here thinking about you. Pretty much how I spend most of my time. I just can't wait to see you. Keep going, Aaron. You are in our thoughts, our hearts, and our dreams as we push for your recovery. Go! Fight! Win!
Carmel Bulkin
By Carmel
Dearest Loy Family!
Aaron's story has reached me here in El Salvador! I am sending love and heart-felt prayers for Aaron's continued recovery and strength in the road ahead! You are an AMAZING family! Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us - what incredible lessons you are teaching us all. Keep fighting, stay strong, what incredible wonderful adventures await Aaron, I just know it! What an inspiration! Love from Carmel Bulkin - Mrs. Loy's former 6th grade student =)
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Tabatha B
Did you guys see Aaron's picture on ABC good morning? Just watched the video. Unfortunately, they mis-reported his injuries, stating he lost both legs. Aaron's a national star :) We are still praying for you guys. So thankful you have the support network you do. What an amazing community!
Debbie Becker
By Debbie Becker
It's great to hear about and feel the growing circle of love and support surrounding Aaron! You are a winner Aaron!!
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Stuart Grauer
By Stuart, Sally & Audrey
Stay the course, Aaron, we're all with you.
Vanessa Beetham
By The Beethams
Took a photo of The Cardiff Kook and Posted it on my Facebook page. Aaron you are not only receiving thoughts and prayers from the Aussies here but also from Downunder. Stay strong.
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