Cardiff Kook joins Aaron's Contribution/Donation Team

The legendary Cardiff Kook has joined Aaron Loy's Contribution/Donation Team.

With the growing nationwide media coverage of Aaron's tragic neisseria meningitidis illness, numerous people and organizations have contacted us asking how they can contribute towards Aaron Loy's unreimbursed medical costs, specialized equipment needs and future athletic prosthetics.  

Two funds have been established to provide financial assistance to Aaron's recovery.

HelpHopeLive - In Honor of Aaron Loy
(Tax Deductible)

Aaron Loy Recovery Fund
(Gift / Non Tax Deductible)
Pacific Premier Bank
     781 Garden View Court, Suite 100
     Encinitas, CA 92024
If you have any questions regarding these funds or other fund raising activities...please contact
     Kimberly Renna -
     Kim Harvey -

With Aaron's passionate drive and competitive spirit, we are confident that he will return to UCSB and resume his athletic lifestyle as quickly as possible. 

Loy family thanks everyone for their heartfelt concern and generous support to Aaron.   
Please keep Aaron in your prayers.

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12 Replies

Linda Folsom
By Folsom's
Woohoo!!!! That's all I can say :) love you guys!
laura jucha
BEST CARDIFF KOOK EVER!! We 💜 you Aaron and are here for you! Hope everyday is better and better for you...