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Cyber Monday...Beginning the Ascent

To many…Mondays represent the end of one period and the start of another.   We are optimistic that yesterday’s Monday marks the beginning of a new phase…the bottoming of Aaron’s challenging ride and the beginning of his ascent.

Aaron is improving both physically and mentally.   With his intubation tube out, his speech, strength and awareness improve incrementally each day.   These “baby steps” are actually “HUGE STEPS” recognizing the severity of where he was.   He is currently being nourished via hi-protein, vitamin-enriched tube-feeding, while he develops his taste/appetite for UCSD hospital cuisine (far different than his Habit burgers, Freebird burritos and DG dining commons tendencies).   He relishes his daily Jamba Juice…those simple pleasures in life!

Throughout yesterday afternoon and into the night, Aaron underwent a successful series of surgical procedures to repair his various skin and tissue wounds.   The heeling process is particularly complex in a post-sepsis/DIC case.   Infection remains a dangerous foe.   Doctors reported very favorable progress in his healing and were optimistic in his overall health and recovery.

Aaron’s spirits remain generally positive and are fueled by the genuine love and support of his family, friends and community.  Each day we read to him the multitude of cards and social messaging.  His LCC lacrosse and soccer teammates made a video… sharing words of encouragement.    His UCSB friends, lacrosse teammates and coaches are also connected to his recovery.  Even the Cardiff Kook joined the contagious “Get Well Aaron” club.

Huge thanks to the Encinitas community who are organizing and conducting various fund raising activities.  We hope that the growing media exposure brings velocity to the availability of vaccines to prevent other Nisseria-serogroup B incidents.   The love and generosity of the community is truly appreciated as it helps fuel Aaron’s courageous fight.

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karla spit
By Karla Spitz (REMEC Broadband Wireless)
Mike, Kirsten, heard about Aaron's problem from our mutual old REMEC contacts. Wow. Wow. Glad to hear that he's steadily improving. Thoughts and prayers for all of you- him to continue healing and you guys for continued strength.
Jill DeVito
By Jill DeVito
Loy Family- I am following Aaron's recovery every step of the way and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Aaron, I have never met you, but I know your mother and think she is an absolutely wonderful person. I have no doubt that you possess her amazing qualities. Keep fighting and know that you have a tremendous amount of support behind you.
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Eva Schiess
By The Schiess Family
We are praying for Aaron and so thrilled to hear he is improving!!
Susan McGarry
By Susie McGarry
My deepest prayers go to Aaron and to you, Kirsten and your family.
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Shelly Kelly
By Shelly
Aaron made the national ABC news last night about meningitis outbreaks at Princeton and UCSB. It said that they are from different strains. They reported that the crucial early signs are a stiff neck or a purple rash associated with the illness.
His roommates are amazing for taking whatever signs they saw so seriously.
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Joanne McCamy
By The McCamys
We continue to send our prayers of gratitude for the continued progress and prayers of strength for the tough moments. hugs and more hugs.
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Katrina Young
By Katrina Young
Dear Loy Family,
We have never met, but we also are a LCC family and share similar friends. I have been getting updates on Aaron through them and various FB posts. I just wanted you to know that our family is praying for Aaron's recovery. I hope it gives your entire family extra strength knowing that so many people are thinking about all of you. Aaron sounds like a courageous young man. He is certainly very loved. I know both will help him get through this ordeal. We send you our most sincere wishes for a speedy recovery and continued strength. Much love, The Young Family (Katrina, Robert, Sean, Carolyn and Allison)
trina leonard
By trina leonard
Aaron, your strength of character will pull you through. We are on the sidelines cheering for you! You are always on our minds, and we are so proud of you in your courageous fight. Love and continued healing to you. ❤️❤️
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Reed Wilson
By Reed Wilson
Just amazing that his health is progressing. Prayers from OC
Caroline Lee
By By the Kerr's
Unbelieveable-just learned of Aaron's condition this evening via a friend who saw the news and called me to see if it was the person we knew. Aaron-stay strong and courageous. You've got a lot of support and outpouring of love to help you get through this crazy, unbelieveable ordeal you and your family are going through. Thoughts and prayers are with you in your recovery! Brad, Caroline, Matthew, Lucas and Jennifer