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One Day at a Time - November 18 pm

One day at atime…one play at a time.   Aaron’s competitive genes are in play.

The doctors have been conducting extensive tests/evaluations to determine the full extent of Aaron's injuries.   It’s been scary to watch and even more painful to wait.  The UCSD medical team has determined that there are no other significant complications beyond those identified by his Santa Barbara physicians.   They continue to monitor his critical vascular issues (lower legs) and treat his skin & tissue injuries.    There’s a lot of “wait & see” in terms of monitoring his  recovery and treating infections.

The day ended on a high.  The medical teams have been telling us all along to talk to him, as he likely can hear our voices.  Prior to leaving the hospital tonight, Aaron opened his eyes.  He supposedly responded when someone mentioned that Lindsey was coming home in a couple days.   It was wonderful reconnecting with him as he opened his eyes and responded to our voices. We left him to rest, as tomorrow will bring the rigors of additional treatments for his wounds and further evaluations of his feet.

We thank everyone for their love and support to Aaron. The walls of his room will be plastered with your kind “wishes for health & recovery” which he will see when he awakes. 

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Michele Black
By Michele Black
Nothing like the love and support of an older sister! How wonderful that Lindsey will be there when Aaron again opens his eyes! Lindsey, this is a tribute to you - what a wonderful sister you have been...and will forever be. Love, Michele Black
Vanessa Beetham
By Beetham Family
Dear Kirsten, Mike and Lindsey,
Words cannot begin to express what we are feeling for Aaron. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are without end for that beautiful Loy Boy. Much love and continued strength to you all. Ness, Pete, Millie and Jack
Patricia Sakelaris
By Patricia Sakelaris
Lets have a "home run" Aaron! Praying for continued improvement. Lots of thots, hugs & powerful good energy coming your way. Hang tough.
Jocelyn Smith
By Smith/Moore Family from Toronto, Canada
We too have a son and a daughter who are so … close. The fact that Aaron is responding to the knowledge that his sister will be his side soon is a testament to their relationship and the strength they lend to one another. Hugs to you all from Toronto ON Canada
Jocelyn, Lloyd, Heather and Geoffrey (Smith/Moore)
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Denise Peralta
By Denise, Gregg, Donnie, and Lilyann Peralta (Mission Estancia)
Prayers of complete and quick recovery go to Aaron and his whole family. Donnie is concerned for your family and wishes you all the best. May the love and support of your family, friends, and community continue to lift you and carry you as he heals. It is so obvious that your family is cherished and we send our healing prayers your way....
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Savannah Boyne
By Savannah Boyne and family
Thank goodness! Aaron, you're constantly in our thoughts and prayers, we're sending all our love your way. You're getting there bud, you got this!!!!
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trina leonard
By trina leonard
Kirsten, Mike, Aaron and Lindsey, our prayers are non-stop. A moment doesn't pass without you in our thoughts. As you await more news, I hope that you can feel the positive energy that your friends and family are sending. There is a lot of love circling your family. With each small victory or even setback we are sending hugs, hugs, and more hugs. One day at a time...
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Dawn Bender
By Hugs, Dawn Bender and Family
Keep talking, and sharing stories just as if Aaron were contributing to the conversations. From my own personal experience (25 years ago...sedated in coma in critical condition) he does hear you!! I'm certain!! It will be your voices and abundance of love that will bring him through.
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Pam Harvey
By Pam harvey
Aaron,our love and prayers are with you.Sean's Harvey Grandparents.
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Sarah Holland
By Sarah Holland
So glad to hear this piece of good news. Aaron - you're such an incredible person. Love and determination will see you through this. Hope the coming days continue to bring steady progress and healing. You and your family are in my thoughts every minute of the day.
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