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THANK YOU CaringBridge for providing a wonderful link to Aaron's vast network of well-wishers.
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 Aaron was rushed to the hospital today by his friends and has been treated for meningococcus, a bacterium that causes meningitis. Thank goodness his friends were so on the ball because the disease progressed very quickly.  He has severe sepsis, blood poisoning, which is a effect of the bacteria.  His blood is very thin although his circulation is poor which is causing less blood to flow to his feet and hands.  His kidneys are not working very well, and he may need dialysis as the night progresses.

Currently, the doctors and nurses at Cottage are taking very good care of him, but they are looking for relatively rare treatments by calling all the hospitals in So. Cal.  We are hoping that one of them will improve his circulation and get the blood flowing to his limbs!

We have put work on hold and will stay in Santa Barbara as long as necessary.  Betsy and Dave are helping out by hanging out at the hospital with us, asking intelligent questions, and providing lots of moral support.  We want all our family and friends to know how much we appreciate and value all your expressions of love and caring.  It's hard to reach out to each of you individually right now as we are so overwhelmed by the events of the day, but we will over the next few days.  Please tell anyone who wants to know how Aaron is doing to check this site.
Lots of love,
KIrsten and Mike


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