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Aaron & Grandpa’s Story

4/29-Aaron enjoyed his EFE (Early Field Experience) at Star of Bethlehem. He got to teach his cousin Hannah! 


I am starting to put the book about Aaron together. The outline is complete, and I am in the process of going thru our documentation as well as documentation from Waukesha County and especially Winnebego State Mental Hospital. Sadly some of the material no longer exists because by law medical records are only kept for 7 years.  But Winnebego saved everything going back 10 years! They sent us over 800 pages (Aaron was there for 3 years).  It is gut wrenching to go thru, but it reminds us of the incredible miracle God has blessed us with!

Aaron is doing great in the most important way! He is the Apple of God's eye and he is being protected on his path towards heaven. He was marked by God to be His own when he was baptized 3 days after he was born!


Aaron is very special to many people because God made him very special. During the last seven years we have seen evidence of God's love even in Aaron's illness. Aaron has Schizophrenia, perhaps one of the most challenging med resistant forms that a person can have. But even in Aaron's deepest delusions we saw God's hand. Aaron touched many people with God's word and God's love in places that most of us don't go, hospitals, nursing homes, and mental institutions.


As Aaron recovers from the brain damage he suffered he continues to touch people. His gentle nature, respect for the doctors, nurses, and therapists helping him, and the hope he never lets go of continue to reflect God's love. Some people who weren't as close to Jesus have told us they are praying now.


God isn't done using Aaron just yet!

Latest Journal Update


9/19/07 - Aaron is beginning to take tests in his classes and he is doing well. Unfortunately Aaron had to drop 1 class, Sociology. He is working full time, and having classes from 5-10 PM on some nights. We also found out there was no advantage from a financial aid standpoint for being a full time student. So 3 classes are just right now!

10/15/07 Say a prayer that Aaron does well on his mid-term exams! He is taking his math test tonight, and the rest throughout the week. He is receiving glowing feedback from his communication professor, and has done well on most of his math tests so far.

10/30 We all dressed up (as medievil characters.. Aaron was a knight) for Ken & Rachel's Halloween party on Saturday, and we had a lot of fun.

The Salty Earth event was fun too, the previous weekend,with a Lucille Ball impersonator who was outstanding!

Aaron's roomate moved out so Aaron is enjoying having the place to himself for now.

11/1 Aaron is already planning next semester. Hopefully he will be able to get the courses he needs at Gateway's Burlington campus.

11/21 We enjoyed watching Kathryn Dance (on TV) for the Wisco Championship game in Madison! The next big game hopefully will be the NCAA Division 3 Football Championship at the Stagg Bowl in Virginia where Heather gets to cheer for UW Whitewater. They have to win 3 more games to get there and then hopefully they'll beat Mount Union on Dec. 15th!!!! Go Warhawks!

12/6 Aaron's last 1st semester class is tonight. He has been working hard to complete his projects. He is signed up to take 4 classes, but some are at the Racine Campus which won't work out well for his transportation.

If UW-Whitewater wins on Saturday they get to go to the Stagg Bowl in Virginia and we'll get to watch Heather on ESPN!

12/19-We should know Aaron's grades for the fall semester soon. He did very well on his last math test.


Aaron's story has been put on 2 diffierent outlets in the last couple days. There is a video of Aaron's story on WELS Streams. Just click on the following link:

There is also an article about Aaron on the Forward in Christ Web page. You can access this article by clicking on the follwoing link:

12/27 - Aaron got an A in his Math class, and a B in his Computer class. He's still waiting for his Oral Communication class grade, but he did very well on all his tests and assignments. He definitely beat Heather though this semester!

1/1/08 - It was an A in Oral Communications so Aaron's GPA is 3.67!

We had a great time with the Leverences AND the Bohlmanns for Christmas celebrating God coming to be with us so we can be with Him forever! Everybody is home or soon will be and we're off to a great start in 2008. Aaron is signed up for 3 classes at Gateway (an IT class, Written Communications, and Sociology). Classes resume on Jan. 16th!

1/16 - Aaron's IT class starts today, Written Comm. on Saturday, and Sociology this Tuesday!

Aaron applied at Walmart yesterday. He likes his job at the Hospital, but a new job may provide some opportunities.

Aaron is planning for next year. He has some really big goals that can be accomplished with God's Help!

1/28 Ann & Matt (the Twins fan in the picture w/ Aaron) finally had there little boy, Ellis. So Aaron has another Cousin! Everybody is doing well.

Aaron has been asked to speak at a conference of the Brain Injury Association on May 5th in Wisconsin Dells. He is looking forward to sharing the miracle of his story with people who will truly appreciate how incredible the miracle is.

2/19 Aaron is beginning to make plans to attend WLC (Wisconsin Lutheran College) next year! He has many things in his favor... He has a good college record already, and next year he will be eliglbe for financial aid!

Aaron has applied for jobs at Sentry, Taco Bell, Culvers, and Walmart.

Aaron can't play most sports like he used to because of his bad right leg, but he CAN play Ping Pong! He just keeps improving, and latley has been beating his old Dad (come to think of it maybe Dad is starting to lose it!)

3/15 Aaron starts Spring break today! He received good reviews for his IT project, and his midterms are going well!

We're looking forward to spending time with the Leverence family at Josh's confirmation.. God's Blessings Josh, and with the Bohlmann side for Easter!

Have a joyous Easter knowing He rose so we will too!

4/1 Easter was incredible in Atlanta with Beth's family. Uncle Kevin's Shrimp Gumbo and Auntie Heidi's Easter Dinner were worth the trip in themselves! We saw the Museums in Atlanta (Coke & the Aquarium). We also went to Dinosaur World in KY.

Kyle did outstanding all the way down and back in the car, but next time we're going by train.

4/9 Say a prayer that everything works out for Aaron to attend WLC next year. We are preparing to file the FAFSA forms and everything else that Aaron needs. He'll need lots of financial assistance, but Aaron is ambitiously pursuing his goals so with God's help he'll succeed!

4/17-Aaron is 24 today!! He has a job interview and homework to do in Burlington so we'll have the major celebration this weekend. We also have our first Brewers game on Monday.

4/30 The Brewers lost, but it was fun. Aaron ran into some old friends, Dan Johnson & Russ Burke. Aaron GOT THE JOB at Wendys. He started today and he said it went well. We are looking into several schools for next year now. It may work out better if Aaron stays in Burlington.

5/19 Aaron gave an awesome talk on May 5th in the Dells for the Brain Injury Association conference. Unfortunately 2 days later he had a severe breakdown so he had to be hospitalized at St. Lukes(Racine). He has improved a great deal. We had a wonderful visit yesterday. He should be able to get out on Wednesday (5/21).

He managed to finish nearly all his class work before he was hospitalized. We'll let you know how he did. Thanks for all of your support and prayers!

5/30-Aaron got Bs in all his classes this semester. He is back at his Apartment and work at Lakeview. He'll start at Wendy's again on Monday. He tried out for a play at a community Theatre in Burlington and we just found out he got a part! His Communication Professor had asked Aaron to give it a shot and it looks like Aaron is starting his acting career!

6/9-Aaron is doing well. He just renewed his lease at the Boardwalk thru summer 2009. He is keeping very busy with play practice Sun.-Wed. nights with the Haylofters. He was just given a bigger part (he's a lumberjack) in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. We feel very blessed that Aaron is doing so well again. He actually didn't start up at Lakeview yet, but will this coming week.

6/17-Hope everybody is staying dry, and staying strong in the face of the recent storms. We had a good time celebrating Father's day this past Saturday with Grandpa Leverence. We came home to a tree that had fallen on our garage unfortunately though.

Many people have asked us when they might have a chance to see Aaron in his play in Burlington. The dates are July 16-19,23-26,31-Aug. 3. The time is 7:30 for all shows except Sunday which is 2:00. Here is the Web site: If you're interested in tickets let us know!

6/24-We had a wonderful weekend with Aaron.We swam at Grandma & Grandpa's pool. We watched a good try by the Brewers, but they lost to Baltimore. We had great tailgate party with Rachel & Ken though, and we had great seats behind homeplate. We met and talked with Mark Attanasio. Aaron told him how happy we were that he signed Ryan Braun. We capped off the weekend with Miller Brewery tour (see the picture) with Heather and her boy friend Aric.

Note the right listing for the play dates above.

7/11-Play practice is going very late each night as the group gets ready for opening night. Aaron came back very late on Wednesday and almost got locked out of his apartment!

We had a fun time watching fireworks at Uncle Jon and Auntie Lori's house on Fowler lake for the 4th of July.


It is time to sign up for classes for the Fall Semester at Gateway. Hopefully Aaron can get the classes he needs for his program to become a Teacher's Assistant.

7/22-Aaron and the rest of the cast gave us an outstanding show. It was amazing to see Aaron on the stage. Just further evidence of God's miraculous power! The Haylofters are adding shows because they are selling out (but Aaron loves performing so he doesn't mind if they add a whole bunch of shows).

We'll put a new picture of Aaron's show on the Welcome page each day for the next week or so.

Aaron went to Noah's Ark with the cast of the show on Sunday. He had a great time, but developed a bad blister on his bad leg/foot. Hopefully this won't effect his dancing.

P.S. - that picture of Heather with her boy friend is a little out of date. That guy isn't her boy friend anymore. It's her fiance (Arik and Heather are making plans for next summer or fall).


7/30-Aaron has been very busy with the play and doing things with the cast like going to a midnight showing of the new Batman movie. It kind of caught up with him, though, because his right foot is not doing well. He missed a performance of the play and some work at Wendys. The sore on his foot is not infected and seems to be healing now.

We just got back from a nice little vacation together in Door County. Aaron can't bike, but he can Kayak which we did at Penninsula State park. We went to a fish boil in Fish Creek, and did a Winery tour.

Aaron is signed up for 4 classes currently in the Instructional Assistant program at Gateway Tech. We'll post more about Aaron's School stuff as we get closer to the start of the fall semester.

8/11-We just got back from a short vacation to Chicagoland. Aaron was very tired from a busy week, but we still had fun. We went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prarie, went by Beth's office in Elk Grove Village, went on the Metra from Schaumberg , and did a double decker bus tour of Chicago. We also went to the State Fair yesterday.

Aaron is looking forward to the start of school, but enjoying the last weeks of summer. He loves to read. He just finished Einstein by Wlater Issacson, and Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier. He is currently enjoying a Clive Cussler novel called Valhalla Rising.

We are really looking forward to the 1st annual Leverence Family Softball game at Endicott Park next Saturday!!

8/22-Aaron's foot is almost completely healed. He was able to play baseball quite well at the Leverence Family baseball game. He played shortstop, made some good plays, and got a couple hits! We all had a lot of fun at Endicott Park.

Aaron received an excellent financial aid package from Gateway. It includes 2 grants that will cover a good portion of his tuition and fees.

School starts after Labor Day. Aaron is really looking forward to his class work because this semester he really starts getting into his program as an instructional assistant.

9/1-School starts on Wednesday for Aaron at the Burlington Campus of Gateway! He is taking Psychology on Wednesday nights from 7-10 PM and a web based class called Techniques for Reading and Language Arts.

Aaron is also starting guitar lessons which he'll take on Saturday mornings. He is also looking forward to being in the "Holiday" show for the Haylofters in Burlington.

We all have really enjoyed watching the Brewers play and hope to be able to go to some of the games.

9/15/08-Aaron has completed the first full week of his Reading and Language Arts online class. An online class is very enriching but you only meet your professor and classmates via the internet.

Aaron also likes his psychology class a great deal. This is a traditional class, but includes substantial class discussion which Aaron enjoys.

Aaron isn't a huge Packer fan so their success has not helped him deal with the Brewers implosion. Maybe next year??

10/1 It is the Brewer's year THIS year. Aaron is planning a Brewer celebration this Saturday. We wanted it to be a Brewers/Twins bash but unfortunately those pesky White Sox ruined the Season for the Twins. We think 1 Chicago Team in the play offs is one too many...let alone 2!!

We are all praying the Grandpa benefits quickly from rehab and can come home as soon as possible from Elmbrook. We're all in God's hands, but sometimes we have a stronger sense of that like right now. Maybe we'll have a toned down Brewers bash with Grandpa when the Brewers are in the World Series.

10/6/08 - Aaron and the whole Leverence Clan had a super time watching the Brewers win on Saturday night. We missed Uncle Matt & Grandpa, but maybe next year it will be the Twins and Brewers in the World Series! We'll look forward to having Matt & Grandpa there next year when the Twins & Brewers duke it out!

Grandpa is doing much better. Prayers are being answered already! Aaron can really relate to what Grandpa is going thru right now. Aaron gave Grandpa lots of encouragement on Saturday to do well with his rehab program. Grandpa's arms are bulking up from the rehab, and God willing soon his legs and everything else!

10/16-Grandpa is improving every day. He can go 300 feet in a walker, he makes his own lunch, he got a hair cut, and he went outside this past weekend. Aaron remembers how wonderful it was to go outside the first time during his rehab. Seeing God's beautiful creation on a nice day can't be beat! Grandpa was moved to Franciscan Woods for continued rehab.

Aaron has recently started volunteering on Monday nights at Mount Carmel nursing home in Burlington. He enjoys doing things with the residents like mini bowling. It was only short time ago when Aaron was a resident of a nursing home in Fond du Lac!

Unfortunately Aaron will not be able to be in the Holiday Haylofters program. He missed the audition. There will be another show to be a part of soon!

10/29-Grandpa was inducted into the Wisco Hall of Fame on Saturday 10/18. He couldn't be at the ceremony but lots of people let him know how much God blessed them through his work at Wisco. Several people came over to Franciscan Woods after the ceremony. Thanks!

GOOD NEWS!! Aaron just found out he could be in the Holiday performance by the Burlington Community Theatre Group, "The Haylofters"! Practice started this week. The performance will be on Dec. 5th.

11/6-Aaron is enjoying practices with the Haylofters. There will actually be 3 performances(Dec. 5,6,7) of their Holiday show.

Aaon has received some good feedback from his professors. They are impressed with his work. Aaron is working on a paper for psychology class. The topic is schizophrenia! Aaron has done extensive research including research on his own case.

Unfortunantely Grandpa had a little setback, but he got back on his feet quickly. He had to be readmitted to Elmbrook for a couple days, but now he's already back at Fransican Woods.

11/20 Grandpa came home this past Saturday. He is doing quite a bit better. God is blessing his rehabilitation. We put several upgrades in the house such as vertical and horizontal rails, a new bedroom in the lower level, and a more ergonomic fixture. Grandpa gets rehab at home now and really enjoys it when people visit.

Aaron is hot and heavy in rehearsal for the Haylofter's Christmas program. They did a little performace for the Burlington Chamber of Commerce at their annual event. It was a small group, but they sounded awsome.

Aaron is wrapping up this semester, and he's looking into classes for next semster. He is really into the clasess for his major as a Instructional Assistant (Teacher's Aid).

12/8-Grandpa had to go back to Elmbrook last week due to some complications.He was only there for one night, and he is now doing better than ever again.

Aaron had a great time singing with the Haylofters in their Christmas program. They used the Burlington High School Auditorium. Aaron went to the cast party on Saturday and had a blast.

Aaron wrapped up his final assignment work for the semester this past weekend. Heather is envious because she has a lot more work to do before her semester is over.

12/24-Merry Christmas from all of us & God's Blessings in 2009.

Aaron enjoyed spending time with Steve, Heidi, Chris, & Kevin (Beth's side of the family). Unfortunately Grandma & Grandpa Bohlmann got stuck in Florida because of our Stormy weather. We'll get to see the whole Leverence family on Christmas day.

Aaron got an A in both of his college classes (Psychcology & Reading and Language Arts). Reading and Language Arts was Aaron's first class for his major (Instructional Assistant). Aaron has 3 classes for his major next semester: 1.) Child & Adolescent Development, 2.) Techniques for Teaching Science, & 3.)Teamwork in a School Setting. Sounds like some good stuff!

1/10/09-Aaron was invited to join the National Leadership Society (aka Sigma Alpha Pi) Gateway Chapter. He gets to participate in several forums and is required to perform community service to become a full member. He is looking forward to the cool opportunities with this organization.

Aaron is going to try out for the next Haylofters play. I'm not sure what it is yet, but we'll let you know.

Aaron is enjoying winter break (not the cold part of it). He starts school again on January 21st.

1/19/09-Wendy's lunch business has slowed down so Aaron only works there 1 day a week now. Aaron doesn't mind because he works at the Hospital (Lakeview) more now. Coincidentally one of Aaron's grade school and High School friends is doing her clinical work at Lakeview in Physical Therapy. Dana Reemy and Aaron eat lunch together which Aaron really enjoys!

Aaron is staying warm in his apartment despite the harsh weather. He has the apartment to himself for now.

School starts on Wednesday, but Aaron is already getting ready with his books, and prep work outlined in the class syllabi.

1/27-Aaron has started school and is enjoying his classes. Gateway cancelled his Science class so he is only taking 2 courses.

We all celebrated this past weekend as Arik, Heather's fiance' completed his Confirmation classes and joined Christ The Lord. We went out to lunch with Arik's dad, and then we had a fun birthday party for some of Aaron's cousins at Uncle Matt and Auntie Ann's house. Grandpa Leverence enjoyed welcoming Arik to CTL, and little Ellis and Faith's party!

Aaron get's to go to a conference on entrepeneurial motivation today with guest speaker Chris Gardner (the subject of the movie The Pursuit of Hapiness with Will Smith) in Racine. The activity is Aaron's first with his Sigma Alpha Phi chapter.

After 3 years Aaron has been so blessed that it is unbelievable to think about. With God ALL things are possible.

2/11-Aaron went to another Sigma Alpha Pi event last night on setting Goals. Being involved with this group has been beneficial to Aaron. Aaron will be trying out for the Haylofters play, Father of the Bride, on March 15th. He is really looking forward to being involved in that group too!

Recently we celebrated Grandma Leverence's birthday party at our house. We all appreciated how wonderful it was to have Grandpa and Aaron so actively participating in the evening.

Dana Reemy is wrapping up her clinicals at Lakeview Rehab. Aaron really enjoyed eating lunch with her and getting to talk with an old friend!


2/26-We got to visit Great-Grandma Pinkert this past weekend with Aaron. She was resting comfortably. Aaron has many fond memories of her including the times she baby sat for Aaron when he was little. Grandma went home on Tuesday to be with her Lord. We're happily looking forward to joining her there, and in the mean time celebrating her wonderful and long life (94+ years!) The funeral is this Monday at CTL at 4:30. Visitation is 3:30-4:30.



This weekend we also celebrated Grandpa's 79th birthday in a JOY filled celebration. Grandpa is doing SUPER! .


3/5-Grandma's Funeral was a joyous celebration of her life. Aaron was Grandma Pinkert's first Great Grandchild... and now there are 62! (with another 4 on the way). WOW! She had 26 Grandchildren. Just her offspring and their spouses filled a good portion of the church at Christ The Lord. We sang hymns together and had a wonderful dinner after the funeral on Monday evening.


Aaron received a letter from the Dean of Gateway congradulating him on being added to the Dean's List!


3/13-Aaron is keeping quite busy these days! His classes are interesting and challenging. Aaron tries to stay a couple weeks ahead of his assignment schedule which is do-able with internet classes. He is maintaining a 100% grade in one class and 91% in the other. As a part of his class work he is working with the students in the grade school at Lakeview. It is a cool opportunity for Aaron to do practical work associated with his education major.


Aaron is taking horse-back riding classes, and enjoying it a great deal, and next week he is starting an art class too!


On top of all these other activities Aaron is also participating in several activities associated with his Sigma Alpha Phi group. They get together each week in a "success networking" group. Each of the members discuss their goals and what they are doing to achieve their goals.


Aaron hasn't volunteered for the nursing home in a while because the person who took him there left Lakeview. Aaron may, however, start volunteering for the Salvation Army in Burlington.

4/7-Thanks for checking back despite the lack of updates recently.  Aaron is doing well.  He is very busy with school.  He likes to stay 1 or 2 weeks ahead of his assignment schedule. he can't wait for a little break with Easter coming up though!


We had a wonderful time celebrating Megan's confirmation at Uncle David and Aunt Rachel's house yesterday.  We are all looking forward to another little Leverence (actually a Williams) when Uncle Ken and the other Aunt Rachel have their little baby.  They are in our prayers as the due date comes closer (Apr. 24th).


Aaron plans on helping out at Salty Earth next week.  We hear it is quite busy out there lately!   May the joy of the Easter knowledge that He rose so we will too fill your hearts and positively effect everything you do!

4/22-Aaron enjoyed helping out at the Salty Earth Studio in Ft. Atkinson this past week, and then he helped with loading up left overs from the Loaves & Fishes rummage sale at Wisco.  It was a tremendous work out!  Aaron did a spectacular job desipte his bad leg. It is just awesome watching Aaron as he contributes his efforts so effectively. A lot to thank and praise God for!

We enjoyed celebrating the joy of His resurrection at Grandma & Grandpa's highlighted with the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Grandpa was doing well physically but his thinking was not doing well.  Grandpa was admitted to Waukesha Memorial right after Easter because he fell down outside.  We just found out he will be able to come home on Friday, but we are concerned about how well he is thinking right now. We're putting our trust in the Doctor's assesment that Grandpa can be at home, but we are still very concerned.
Aaron is slated to be inducted into his Honor Fraternal Organization, Sigma Alpha Phi on May 5th. 

 5/14-Aaron is finishing his last assignment for this semester. He'll be done by Friday. Aaron is looking into classes for the fall semester.
Aaron is applying for his own apartment. We should know soon whether he can have a single apartment.
We have Uncle Jon, Aunti Lori and their family in our prayers. They had a house fire that wrecked much of their house. God protected the family from harm so we are very thankful for that.
Grandpa is home and doing OK. We're looking into getting him involved in a Senior day Program so he can get active again.
5/27-Aaron recieved his Spring semester grades. He got an A in Child Behavior and an A- in Teamwork in a School Setting.
Aaron's application for a single aparment was approved. YEH!! He is very happy about having his own place. Thanks to the Staff of the Boardwalk Apts., and Ann Meeks for helping to make this happen. Aaron will move in on June 1st.
Uncle Jon and Aunt Lori are doing OK despite most of the contents of their house being destroyed. Their house will be rebuilt of the next 6 months. They'll be in our prayers as they rebuild their lives.
Grandpa seems to be doing well at home. God willing he'll stay on the mend, and be able to become more independent.

6/10-Aaron is all moved into his new apartment. The move went well. He really enjoys having his own place. he is fixing it up with a "Sports" decor. He has a Ryan Braun FATHEAD in his living room for instance (A FATHEAD is a life size sticker/decal that is cut in the shape of Ryan Braun swinging a bat). His unit overlooks the courtyard at the Boardwalk apartments in Burlington.

Aaron tried out for a play with the Haylofters Community Theatre in Burlington ....  and he made the play!! He has one of the speaking parts and he is also in the chorus. The play is called "Sugar" and it is based on the movie "Some Like it Hot" (Marilyn Monroe/Tony Curtis/Jack Lemon).  Aaron is the Train conductor in the play. He is ecstatic about making the play, and already enjoying the practices which started this week.

A quick update. We originally thought Aaron got an A- & an A in his 2nd semester classes. He actually got 2 As! He is already making plans for the fall semester which will most likely include his first set of student teaching practicums.

Heather and Kathryn graduated from UW-Whitewater and Wisco respectively. So we had a wonderful celebration last week. God willing Aaron's graduation from Gateway will be the next celebration. FYI-Heather started her job at Northwestern Mutual, and Kathryn is planning on attending the University of Minnesota (Does this mean we have to root for the Gophers?).

7/1-Aaron is enjoying rehersals for the play he is in this summer with the Burlington Community theatre group. Aaron just became the Stage Manager for the play as well. One of the best parts of being in the play this summer for Aaron has been the chance to socialize with members of the cast.  Aaron loves having little get togethers after the rehersals at "his" place. Several cast members like doing the same things as Aaron (play video games, watch the Brewers, and nice conversation).

7/14-Aaron's play starts tomorrow!  It has been a blast for Aaron to be involved in preparing for this play.  There have been some late rehersals, and lots of time spent preparing.  If you'd like to go to the play simply click on the following link and you can buy tickets on line now (you use to have to buy them in Burlington so this is a nice service). 

7/27-Aaron is spending time at home during the week because his play runs through the weekend.  He did get to see Kyle sing for CTL's Vacation Bible School Sunday yesterday.  Aaron is also standing up in Heather and Arik's wedding on Sept. 4th so he needs to get fitted for a Tux and put on a Bachelor Party for Arik on Aug. 8th. 

Keep Beth in your prayers too.  She is going in for surgery tomorrow on the discs (no. 5 & 6) in her neck because her discs have degenerated so severly.  She should be out of the hospital by Wednesday, and fully restored in time for Heather's wedding and getting everybody off to school in the fall!


8/10 - Beth's neck and vertabrea continue to heal.  The pain she was experiencing is also diminishing.  The doctor said most of the symptoms she is experiencing are normal, although they can't explain the minor numbness in her left side.  It is amazing how most of the problems she was having from the pinched nerves have gone away.
Aaron wrapped up his play which he enjoyed being involved in.  Aaron is standing up in Heather's wedding so he helped put a Bachelor party for Heather's future husband Arik.  Grandpa Leverence was even at the party this past Saturday.  Grandpa  really enjoyed the opportunity to be with everybody welcoming Arik into the Leverence Family. 
The big day is Sept. 4th for Heather and Arik so hopefully Beth will be nearly back in the saddle again by then! 

9/7 - What a wonderful wedding! God Blessed all of us a great deal with wonderful weather and Joy that was expressed in many ways throughout the day this past Friday. The ceremony was held at CTL and the reception was held at Silver Spring Country club.  God especially blessed Heather and Arik and the joy of the day was clearly evident on their faces throughout the day!  They are currently having their honeymoon in Door County.  Arik will be going to Iraq to serve his country in 2 weeks, and Heather will stay at home until they get a house after Arik returns. 

Aaron was one of the groomsman and Kyle was the ring bearer. Everybody had a great time. Aaron said it was one of the best days of his life. Both Aaron AND Grandpa cut a mean rug on the dance floor. It was truly amazing to see Grandpa dancing with all of his grandchildren. It was a special moment that will be in our fond memories of the day.  (Several pictures are in the Photos section from the wedding day)

Unfortunantly the evening took a bit of a toll on Aaron though. It took him until 3:15 AM to calm down. We haven't seen Aaron have trouble since May/June of 2008 so we were concerned. Thankfully he is doing much better again.

School starts up tomorrow for Aaron. He has 3 classes this semester: Techniques for teaching Math, Technology & Media Resources and Developmental Psychology. It will be an exciting Semester!

Aaron has begun trying to run again. He switches back and forth between walking and trying to run. His foot developed some problems after 2 runs so he is backing off again for a while.

10/1-Aaron is in the routine of school full blast!  His 3 classes are keeping him busy, but he is staying on top of his homework.  He is so diligent.  He works at getting all his assignment work in a week ahead of time which is do-able with internet classes. Aaron is still working every week day at the Hospital and 1 day a week at Wendy's to boot. 

Aaron has been having fun with Horseback riding and Brewers games too. He went to a Cubs game in the Brewers last home stand with his friend Brendan. 

Aaron said good-bye to his new brother-in-law Arik as he went off to Iraq.  Arik should be back by Thanksgiving.  In the mean time Heather is still living at home so the house is full when Aaron comes home on weekends.

10/30-Aaron is completing his midterms for his 3 classes and doing well.  He enjoys all of his classes quite a bit. He is planning for his Spring semester classes already. Aaron would like to graduate from Gateway in the Spring of 2011 so he needs to complete 1 of his internships (aka Practicums) this coming Spring.

Aaron decided not to be in the Community Theatre Christmas Program because he is busy with school work and his 2 jobs.
Aaron is going to get a cat in his apartment! His cat, "Emril", who usually stays at our house in Brookfield is going to move in with him in Burlington.  There are some significant hoops that we need to go through because the Boardwalk has several requirements that must be met before Aaron can keep Emril at his apartment, but after a vet visit, about 250.00 up front, and 20.00 a month extra on the rent everything should be set!
We're all missing Arik quite a bit. Heather bought a house in Oconomowoc which should be ready for her and Arik to move into when he returns.

11/28-It has been a very busy month! Aaron is finishing up his semester of school at Gateway.  His classes continue to go well. Aaron especially enjoys his Psychology class.  Emril has some kind of weird skin problem which is causing him to lose his fur so he has to go to the Vet.
Aaron's brother-in-law, Arik,  came home from Iraq so we helped  Arik and Heather move into their new house in Oconomowoc.  Heather and Arik like their new house and new dog, Heidi (A german shepherd).
Aaron had a lot of fun over the Thanksgiving break with the whole Leverence Family at a Water Park resort in the Wisconsin Dells.  He also enjoyed going to the Salty Earth Pictures annual event which was put on by Uncle Steve and Aunt Beth Zambo in Ft. Atkinson.
Aaron is registered for the Spring Semester at Gateway. He would like to take 3 classes again.
Aaron has been accepted for the Wisconsin State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Training program so he should be getting a new job soon. He is looking forward to a new challenge.

12/15-Grandpa had an episode recently which caused him to be extremely week.  He had to go back to Waukesha Memorial Hospital, but he has been released.  Currently he is doing rehabilitation at Heartland Health Care Center in Pewaukee.  He has been in good spirits.  It isn't clear what caused Grandpa's latest set back.  It could have been an infection another stroke or a combination of problems.  Hopefully the rehab he gets will help him be able to live better.  He was in good spirits when we visited him in his rehab facility.

Aaron is wrapping up his last class for the semester tonight (Developmental Psychology).  His 2 internet classes ended last week.  Aaron really worked hard this past semester, and his professors recognized his work with their assesments.  We should know Aaron's grades by early next week.

1/25/2010-Aaron received an A in each of his classes for the first semester. We are so thankful he is doing so well.  He is signed up for 3 classes for the second semester.  They are Race & ethnic diversity, Special Education, and Advanced Reading & Language Arts.  He was going to start his Practicum, but now he will be doing the Pacticum (or internship) in the fall.

Aaron has applied for a new job at several places such as Sentry, Culvers, Pick & Save, and Kohls.  Unfortunately he hasn't received any offers yet. 
Grandpa continues to rehab at Heartland Health Care center in Pewaukee. He may be staying there for quite a while so we have set up a coordinated visiting program for our family.

2/13-Grandpa's Birthday is coming up.  He will be 80 on Ash Wednesday (2/17).  So we're having a get together at Paul and DeAnn's place after we go to church at Zion Hartland.  And Grandpa will be there!! Grandpa has his ups and downs, but he has been doing OK. He came to our house a couple weeks ago for dinner, and he enjoyed the outing immensly!  We're also going to take Grandpa to church at CTL tomorrow, and hopefully go out to lunch. 

Meanwhile Aaron continues to do quite well with his Spring semester classes.  He enjoys his online classes, but especially likes his "real" class on ethnic diversity.  He made the Dean's List again.  Aaron is still looking quite hard for a job. He is working with the State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation in a program that helps him get a new job.  In the mean time he is still working at Lakeview and Wendy's.

3/10-Grandpa has had several "outings" including his 80th birthday, and most recently this past Saturday when we got together at our house. He really enjoys getting out in the fresh air and getting to see many of his children and grandchildren at once. He is still moving a little slowly, but he is mentally sharp. It is fun talking with him and hearing his witty comments.

Aaron had a somewhat stressful week this past week, and it took a little toll on him.  He stayed at our home to recuperate the entire week.  He missed his job, but he was able to catch up on all of his classwork which reduced his stress level a great deal. By the end of the week he was doing well.  He even went to the open gymn at Christ The Lord on Sunday. He played extremely well.  Several people commented on his basketball moves!  Aaron can't move fast because of his leg, but he moves well, and his shot is pristine!  Unfortunantely his bad leg caused him to get severe blisters on his foot which he couldn't feel. When he took his shoes off his sock was soaked with blood. He went to the doctor on Monday, and got some treatment.  Aaron loves to play basketball, but he'll have to play in a limited
fashion when his foot gets better.

4/9/10-We had a wonderful time celebrating our risen savior this past week. Aaron, Grandpa, and most of the Leverence family enjoyed a fun afternoon at Uncle Matt and Aunti Ann's house in West Bend. Aaron played wiffle ball with his cousins (and Uncle's and Aunts). It was a rousing game that ended in a tie (thankfully).

Grandpa seems to be getting mentally better all the time. He really enjoys getting out of the nursing home every so often. He also enjoys the church services every Monday which are put on by the Pastor at Zion Hartland.

Aaron had a little bit of difficulty a few weeks ago which we attributed to a stressful week of school, and a bit caused by Emrile his cat. We took the cat back to our house, and Aaron has caught up in his school work. Aaron is doing much better now.

We jsut came back from a short trip to Springfield Illinois with Aaron and Kyle. Aaron really enjoyed seeing all the Lincoln sites: New Salem, Lincoln's Tomb, The new Lincoln Museum, and Lincoln's House. We went on the train which was a lot of fun in itself.  We stayed in the Springfield Hilton on the 27th floor overlooking Lincoln's House. It was very cool and not too expensive.  We highly recommend this tourist experience.

Aaron only had 3 weeks of school left, and then Summer school, and the Summer play with the Haylofters.  Oh, and Aaron's foot seems to be fully healed.

5/11-The spring semester is complete as of yesterday. Aaron did very well in each of his classes. He wrote a wonderful thesis paper on integration and Jackie Robinson for his ethnic diversity class. He found out last night that he received a B+ for that class.  Aaron is pretty sure he ace'd his other 2 classes. He gets his grades soon. Aaron is planning for next semester, and looking forward to Summer. He plans on participating in the Haylofters summer play which starts at the end of May.

We enjoyed celebrating Aaron's birthday at Chili's (He's 26!). 

Grandpa is dong well, but he is bored in his nursing home. We take him out about once a week.  We went to the Domes recently, and we all got together at Culvers for Mother's Day which was a lot of fun for him.  He really enjoys church at the nursing home with Pastor Ristow from Zion Hartland.

6/21-Aaron is on the Dean's list again for the Spring Semester. He got a B+ and 2 As.  He is looking forward to the Fall Semester already when he conducts his first Practicum at Lyons Center School in the Burlington School district.  Sue Mosher will be the Principal there and is looking forward to having Aaron starting in October.

Aaron is the Balloon Barker in the Musical "State Fair" that is being put on by the Haylofters in Burlington.  He only has a few lines, but he is in the chorus, and is doing a number of the dance routines.  This is a huge challenge for Aaron, but he is giving it his best.  He works on the dance routines all the time.  He has a notebook that he uses to keep track of his steps and practice. 

Aaron lost the cap on one of the teeth that broke in his accident in 2006.  A wonderful dentist at West Allis Dental Group fixed the tooth quickly lat week.

Grandpa has enjoyed several outings lately.  Mathew's confirmation, A cleanup day at the homestead on Lyyndale road, and Father's day yesterday.  He loves getting out and being with everybody he loves.

7/24-Aaron's play is going extremely well.  We are going to see it to it tomorrow (Sunday matinee). Aaron is very much enjoying the play and the fellowship associated with the play. He goes out with cast members after performances. Hopefully he is getting enough sleep.  Aaron is doing stuff with friends more than he has since grade school.

We enjoyed celebrating birthdays (Kathryn & Dad) with Aaron.  We are moving all of Aaron's stuff to his apartment (he has a storage unit there) because we are putting our Brookfield house on the market. 

We have also been helping Grandpa & Grandma get there house ready to be sold.  Grandpa really enjoys watching us get the house and landscaping looking good.

We just found out Aaron's little sister, Kathryn, is engaged!!  Stephen proposed to her this morning at Camp Phillip where they met last year.  He took her for a walk in the woods (and the rain), and at a certian point in the walk a guitar appeared which he used to sing a song he wrote to propose to her. Looks like Aaron will be standing up in another wedding next year (June of 2011).

8/30-Aaron partipated in a horse show yesterday. He was in 2 events (walking and trotting). He got an award in each event.  He gets a lot of enjoyment from riding, and has become proficient at many of the skills associated with riding. His horse "Dell" did get a little skiddish though because he was formerly a racing horse.  Aaron handled the situation well though.

Beth had planned surgery today which went very well.  She was very grogy this evening, but that is titally expected. She should be able to come home tomorrow if all goes well.

Grandpa fell last week while spending time outside. He had to go to the Hospital, but they didn't see any lasting effects so he was released the same day.  Unfortunately he has been experiencing some light headedness so he is going in for a follow up CT on Thursday.

We had a really cool vacation in Seattle, Vancouver BC, and Portland. We met Edgar Martinez in person during a tour of Safeco field and we saw mountains, and Whales that took your breath away.  The Seafood was unbelievable. We got to see my cousin Todd in Portland with his family. He took us to see some spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge, and Mt. Hood.  We'll post more pictures soon.

10/19-Aaron is really enjoying his Practicum at Lyons Center elementry school.  He is helping teach the 1st grade class with Mrs. Kemper. The students have already taken a liking to him giving him hugs and enjoying his attention as they learn to read and do their math. Aaron has already got a sense of accomlishment in helping the students do well with their learning. Mrs. Kemper and the Principal of Lyons Center (Sue Mosher) have been awesome in helping Aaron as he gets his feet wet in the classroom.
Aaron is enjoying is other classes too(intro to ed. practices & managing behavior in the classroom).  It's already midterms!
We all enjoyed the 50th anniversary celebration for Grandma & Grandpa on Sunday.  Grandpa is doing very well.  He was joking around and especially anjoying everybody's company.
Beth has recovered well from her recent surgury and is now back at work full blast.

12/17/2010-It was a little tough to say good-bye for Aaron as he ended his practicum. Aaron exchanged Christmas gifts with his supervising teacher, Mrs. Kemper and the students! They will miss him. Aaron is talking with the principal at St. John's Burlington to set up his Spring practicum. This practicum is focussed on teaching students with special needs.

Aaron really enjoys going to Bible Class lately at CTL. Pastors Kolander and Cassmer have such interesting topics and Aaron loves to participate in the discussions.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving last month and we're looking forward to Christmas. One of the big events is Kyle's program at CTL on Saturday, and then getting together with everybody on the 25th & 26th.

12/29/10-We all got together for Chrismas with the Leverence family on Dec. 26th. Grandpa enjoyed going to church on Christmas and seeing the Christmas program at St. Matthew's earlier in the week. He is doing SO well. We are setting up a schedule to make sure he can go out for church each week.

Aaron is working on his practicum with John Rehberg the principal at St. Johns in Burlington. He needs to work with DPI certified teachers so hopefully that will work out at St. Johns. 

He received his grades for the first semester an he received 3 As.  Next semester is going to be full with 4 classes. This will be a nice preview for him for next year when he is at WLC.

We're all looking forward to an exciting 2011 full of challenges and yet knowing we're being taken care of by our loving Father!

2/2/2011-The Spring semester has started full swing for Aaron. He is all set up for his Practicum at St. Johns Burlington with Principal Rehberger. This will be a great experience for Aaron working in with 5th & 6th graders.
We have greatly enjoyed watching the Packers go to the Super Bowl. We had a great Party at Uncle Paul's house for the NFC championship, and we're going their again for a Super Bowl party.
We are looking for a new place for Grandpa.  It looks like the Lake Country Rehab facility in Oconomowoc would be a great place for him. It is new and has beautiful setup. We're just waiting to see if there is a room for him.  We have set up a schedule to make sure he can go to church each Sunday.  He gets to go to each of our churches which he enjoys a great deal.

3/23 - Aaron is enjoying his practicum at St. Johns in Burlington.  He appreciates the different experience with 5th & 6th graders.  He also enjoys working with the teachers there.
Aaron applied to go to school at WLC in the fall, and we just found out he was accepted!!  Yeh!  He is really looking forward to moving to Milwaukee.  This will be a huge step for Aaron.
Aaron is planning on trying out for the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar with the Haylofters in Burlington.  If he makes the musical he'll stay in Burlington until August, otherwise he may move sooner.
Grandpa was moved at Heartland manor to a less desirable location. We are working ever harder on moving him to a new place.  At least he has a TV now in his new room.  He loves to go to church with his children every week!

5/5-Aaron completed his Practicum at St. Johns, and he is wrapping up his school work for the semester. He will graduate on May 17th!! We attended an Award Ceremony this past Monday where Aaron was recognized for graduating at the top of his Program for Instructional Assistants. Uncle Steve and Aunt Heidi came up from Atlanta just to see Aaron receive this honor.
Next step is registering for classes at WLC, getting an apartment in Milwaukee, and arranging transportation! 

8/7/2011-So much has happened in the last few weeks.  Aaron has moved to Milwaukee on 89th st. right across from WLC.  The library is only 75 feet away!  The move has been very exciting for Aaron, but he also had to say good-bye to all the people he knew in Burlington.  All the wonderful people at Lakeview Nuero Hospital in Waterford where Aaron worked for instance.  They threw a goodbye party for him.  The Chef made a spice cake decorated with good wishes for Aaron.  At least 50 people signed his goodbye card also with many good wishes for Aaron's future success.  Aaron had to say goddbye to the people at his other job, Wendy's, and the people at his apartment complex, the Boardwalk.  So many things happened  in Burlington for Aaron, nearly all were beneficial and positive for Aaron and us!   We will all miss Burlington very much.  On to WLC and Milwaukee!!


The move to Milwaukee went well.  Aaron's apartment is warm and inviting a shrine to the Brewers!  Mostly thanks to his sister Kathryn, and brother-in-law Stephen the apartment went from an empty (dirty) shell to a really cool place for Aaron.  It will be a welcoming  place for Aaron (and lots of visitors) to hang out.


Aaron is almost set at WLC.  He is taking 4 classes (12 credits).  The classes include: an education class (Diversity in Ed.), A math class, An ancient history class (Aaron's favorite subject), and an intro to theology.  Aaron has outstanding professors like Marty Miller.


Aaron will be looking for a job in Milwaukee.  The best situation for Aaron would include a job of about 10 hours a week that would be as an instructional assistant as he is now a state certified instuctional assistant.


The next few weeks will be exciting as Aaron's cousin Ben gets married and school starts up.  Aaron is standing up in Ben's wedding.   After that Aaron gets to start the next chapter as a student at WLC!!

9/15-Aaron is enjoying his classes and working very hard on his homework.  Classes are on MWF so Tue and Thur are big work days for Aaron.  He also enjoys working out at the REX.  He is also getting involved with the History club.  Kathryn has now become Aaron's special assistant as she replaces another agency that was providing services for Aaron.  Having Kathryn around is beneficial for Aaron and Kathryn.  Kathryn takes Aaron shopping and generally provides any assistance that Aaron needs.

11/23/2011 The semester is drawing to a quick conclusion.  All of Aaron's classes are going OK.  The classes are challenging, but Aaron is working very hard and doing well even with a large amount of work.  For instance he just finished a 10 page research paper and powerpoint presentation on Native Americans for his education class.  Aaron likes his classes and he especially enjoys the field experiences associated with his education class.  Aaron has received some feedback from one of his professors discouraging him from going into teaching.  This seems to have steeled Aaron's resolve as the semester winds down.

Ryan Braun won the NL MVP award which made Aaron very happy, and helped make up for the way the season ended with the vile Cardinals.  We really enjoyed the season though, and especially enjoyed going to one of the NLCS games.

We enjoyed Mara's baptism with the whole Leverence family, and we're looking forward to Thanksgiving at Jon and Lori's house tomorrow!  We have so much to be thankful for especially that God sent his son for us!

12/27/2011-As 2011 draws to an end we are reflecting on the many blessings we have received from our gracious God. Aaron completed his first semester at WLC and did extremely well with a 2.875 GPA. He got an A- in 3 of his classes and unfortunately a D in math.  But he has completed his math requirements now and he can focus on his education classes. Aaron would like to shift his major in education to special education which is something new at WLC starting in 2012.


We had a wonderful Christmas with the whole Leverence family in our community room in our condo complex. It was a wonderful time. We are looking forward to the Rose Bowl, Packers!, and a Bachelor Party for Ashliegh Zambo's fiancee, Matt on Jan. 2nd.

2/6/2012-Aaron is off to a good start with the second semester.  He is taking 5 classes: Instructional & Classroom management strategies, Teaching in a religious setting, A clinical, Music appreciation, first aid, and Apocalyptic literature.

Aaron is spending more time on campus.  He spent the weekend there, went to church at WLC, and generally enjoyed hanging out with other college students at WLC! Aaron has a new cat. Clemintine, to keep him company too!

4/28 - Aaron did Early Field Experience at Star of Bethlehem during the last weeks of March.  He got to teach his cousin Hannah.  He enjoyed his EFE at Siloah earlier as well. Aaron has been working with other students doing project work for his Apocolyptic Literature class.  Aaron has also been attending concerts at WLC and the MSO for his Music Appreciation class.  He has several papers to wrap up his semester so he is very busy.