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Moving On...

Aaron’s been busy moving on with his life. We celebrated his high school graduation with family and friends at his graduation open house on June 10, 2012. He’s worked at Wal-mart this summer part-time, as well as helping Greg with some granite jobs. He purchased a used car in July so that he can travel to work and school. This past Monday he started college at St. Cloud State University. He’s currently taking pre-calculus math, an English writing class, a computer class, and he’s playing something called “The Rack” for the Husky Sports Band. The Rack is some sort of big percussion instrument with lots of different sounds on it, and he’s hoping to mount his keyboard on it as well once they build a support for it. Aaron says it’s a lot of work pulling it onto the field and back, especially since the weather has been so warm lately. He’s sticking to 12 credits this first semester to see how it goes. Between work and classes and band practice or performances, he was pretty tired by Friday!

I’ve been thinking for awhile now that it was time to move forward. I’m planning on ordering a book from Caring Bridge from his site entries, so that Aaron can look back on the last year should he want to and to re-read all the wonderful messages of love and support some day…but we don’t plan on continuing to update here. Aaron doesn’t feel the need to – and this was his story and a way inform others about his recovery when he could not. He just wants to live his life now, and to be like everyone else. It’s time to concentrate on all of the things Aaron can and will do. We’ve tried over the past year to make our entries positive, while still allowing people to see Aaron’s struggles and then his growth and his accomplishments. Everyone has challenges to overcome in their lifetime, and this is just one of Aaron’s. I’ve always felt that if you focus on what you don’t have, what you wish was different, or what you feel that you’ve lost…that is where your energy goes. It’s sometimes the easiest thing to do, but it doesn’t make you feel any better or uplift anyone else.

Things are still challenging for Aaron in some ways, but I have no doubt he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do. I know he is grateful for the chance to do them. We hope that he continues to improve and that he knows what a gift he’s been given. And what a gift he is to us. Thank you to everyone for supporting Aaron throughout his recovery. Sue

“There are blessings every day… find them…create them…treasure them.”