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May 20th, walking around a rototiller, Nels stepped into already worked ground and found himself pulled into the running machine. Bernt was working along side him, called 911 and Kirk and thanks to the textbook response of the EMS community, he was air-lifted to St. Mary's hospital in Rochester, MN. Following initial evaluation, he was taken to surgery where the decision was made to amputate the right leg approximately four inches below the knee. We are hoping for speediy healing and will use this site to provide updates as well as a means of communication for Nels and the rest of our family and friends. Please visit the Journal for updates and the Guest book where you can leave messages for Nels and the rest of us!


Bernt and Trystan Gunderson posted a new journal entry.

Hey Everybody. Thought I would give everyone an update on progress this week. We were in Rochester on Monday for Nels' checkup appointment and everything went well. I ... Read more

Kara Gunderson signed Nels's Guestbook.

Hi Nels! Hope you continue to be on the healing road!  I love these red t-shirts that were made in your honor.  I am wearing mine today as a matter of fact!  Please let ... Read more

Margaret Lunde signed Nels's Guestbook.

Was good to see you out and about at Lake Martha Days.  Hope all continues to go well for you and you continue to get stronger each day.  Hope next time I see you, ... Read more

Diane Konkel signed Nels's Guestbook.

Sounds like things are going well so far.  Enjoy your time  off with your family.  They are awesome!  God Bless  you and your family during this time of healing.  ... Read more

Jeff Stalheim signed Nels's Guestbook.

Good morning Nels: Wow, it sounds like you are progressing real well and we are so glad to hear this!  We are so sorry to hear of your accident, but, are so glad to ... Read more

Chryste Madsen signed Nels's Guestbook.

Hey, Nels!  Just want you to know you're still in my thoughts and it's been a great joy to read of your progress.  I'm blown away by your fantastic family and friends ... Read more

Viola Jacobson signed Nels's Guestbook.

So glad to hear that things are progressing so well.  This whole journey has been a textbook of the way recovery should happen.  We hope for continued healing and ... Read more

Kathy Berg signed Nels's Guestbook.

Nels, It sounds like you are progressing well with your recovery. Glad to hear you are doing so well! Thinking of you.     Read more

Linda McIntyre signed Nels's Guestbook.

Bernt & All....what terrific news. We're thinking of all of you and have been wondering how it's going. Missed Nels on TV but have heard he was a 'rock star.' :) Glad ... Read more

Judy Hesch signed Nels's Guestbook.

Nels and all, So glad to hear (read) that all is well and things are progressing well and quickly.  Keep up the determination and positive attitude. Wishing you well in ... Read more

Dori Slaby-Pulse signed Nels's Guestbook.

Hi Nels and family, Sure nice to get all these updates!  It sounds like God is answering prayers.  Good to be "aggressive", but not over the top. ... Read more

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