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Nels’s Story

May 20th, walking around a rototiller, Nels stepped into already worked ground and found himself pulled into the running machine. Bernt was working along side him, called 911 and Kirk and thanks to the textbook response of the EMS community, he was air-lifted to St. Mary's hospital in Rochester, MN. Following initial evaluation, he was taken to surgery where the decision was made to amputate the right leg approximately four inches below the knee. We are hoping for speediy healing and will use this site to provide updates as well as a means of communication for Nels and the rest of our family and friends. Please visit the Journal for updates and the Guest book where you can leave messages for Nels and the rest of us!

Latest Journal Update


Everybody. Thought I would give everyone an update on progress this week. We
were in Rochester on Monday for Nels' checkup appointment and everything went
well. I think we could have saved the trip by just taking some digital photos
of his leg and sending them over.......but i guess the doctors have to make their
money too! We did get to see Dr. Cass again(Head doc, boss man, Iowa) which is
always interesting. He had on a sweet pair of knee high rubber boots that day
and i just about died laughing when he came into the room.

moving forward from here, I will try and lay out the timeline the best i can.
We go back to Rochester this Tuesday to hopefully remove the staples and
stitches from the leg and if the fluid in the stump is at a level that the prosthesis
is comfortable with, they will take a plaster cast of the leg and start
building his first leg. If that all comes together correctly, you could see
Nels walking around at the lake a little by the 4th of July.

Now, keep in
mind this is a pretty aggressive timeline, and everything would need to come
together just perfect. But Nels is pretty aggressive, so maybe he can make it

I will
update the site as soon as we get back on Tuesday from Rochester. Thanks for
all the continued support!

God Bless

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