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My Story

On April 21,2011. Maddy was at home when she was accidentallyy shot with .22 caliber pistol in the head. Maddy was airlifted to HCMC were she still remains in critical condition.

For those kind people that would like to assist Maddy with
her long recovery please visit www.maddybenefit.com
We have started a trust fund to help with things she may need on her journey


Jason Montanye posted a new journal entry, "Day 44".

Today Maddy had a day pass!!   Maddy is doing wonderful. She is progressing faster then anyone would believe. She got a free day away from Gillette. Maddy got a day on ... Read more

Bonnie Larson signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hi Grandma again. I forgot to say Maddys 12th birthday will be Jan. 26th. Marissa turned 15 on Jan. 4th, Wow! Merricks 11th birthday will be Jan 23rd. So everyone please ... Read more

Bonnie Larson signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hello every one. this is maddys Grandma Bonnie giving all the people involved in her recovery. She had a appointment yesterday at Gilette Childrens Hospital. The Dr. has ... Read more

Laureljean Montanye signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hi Maddy...    Not sure if you will get to read this, but want you to know that grandpa Harry and I think about you every day.  I am hoping that one day I will pick up ... Read more

Bonnie Larson signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hello Everyone. Grandma Bonnie checking in. Maddys 1st day in a new school. She came home and said she talked to over 100 people, Her sister and brother have already made ... Read more

Donna Peters signed Maddy's Guestbook.

I was so glad to see some updating on Maddy here in the guestbook.  It is so wonderful to hear that she is doing so well.  I prayed that she would be to school this fall ... Read more

Bonnie Larson signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hello all you wonderful people. Maddy and family is living with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Bonnie in Isanti. So Marissa, Maddy, and Merrick will be going to new schools. ... Read more

C Ward signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hi Maddy, I heard about this awful accident through your relative Nikki Borchardt.  I have been keeping track of your recovery and I pray life is getting back to normal ... Read more

WANDA LEMKE signed Maddy's Guestbook.

MADDY GLAD YOUR DOING SO GOOD.........................THE ANGELS WERE WATCHING OVER YOU.................................CHECKING TO SEE HOW YOU WERE ... Read more

sue mitchell signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Happy to see things are going wll for Maddy! I have been following her site on this page sence the accident happened. Will you be posting any new pictures of Maddy soon? ... Read more

Laureljean Montanye signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Dear Sweet Maddy,   I want you, Marissa, and Merrick to know that Grandpa and I love the 3 of you very much. I pray for you every day and hope that you continue to grow.. ... Read more

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