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Maci’s Story

Maci was diagnosed with DIPG 2/22/2011. Just in case you missed the quick note any donations can be sent to The Maci Winebarger Donation Fund at Carter Bank & Trust P.O. Box 303 New Castle, VA 24127We have had a whole lot of questions about this and needed to clarify. Again, thank you.

Latest Journal Update


Maci is doing well. She should be finishing up chemo by May. She struggles keeping her platelets up to stay on schedule.  She has an MRI on the 28th in the morning and chemo that afternoon. Should be a long day. She is enjoying school this year and being in middle school. Growing up way too fast for momma to keep up with.

I apologize for the delayed updates. My husband said someone sent me a message wondering about her status but I can't find it or who it was. My email is I apologize to whomever was inquiring. Please try again.

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Vicki & Jim Eubank
Thank you for the update! Your family is always in our prayers daily. Hope that she continues to be stronger and school will be a welcome distraction for all she has been through! Good luck, best wishes, and lots of sincere prayers!!!
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Tammy Slone
By Tammy Slone
Maci, we love you so much, and you are such an inspiration to us all! Love you, Aunt Tammy
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Coach Rice
By Coach Rice
Love seeing this gal in the MS hallway. She brightens my day. She and I have started to bond due to our love of smelling oils. She even felt quite comfy with me as she managed to con me out of a pancake/sausage on a stick from me in the cafeteria. Too funny. Love my Maci time!
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Sheila Jones
By Sheila Jones "Always Sammy's Grammie"
Good news!!! 😍
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