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Genny’s Story

Hi and welcome to Genny's page!! Up until Monday July 30, 2012 She was living a joyous and wonderfully above average life as a 9 year old girl. Then suddenly that changed when she went for a day hiking trip with her siblings and took a fall if 30~35 feet off a mountain clif. This fall resulted in a fractured skull placing her in a coma. She has been being kept asleep with the help of sedation as to aid in the healing process. Although she has made some tremendous improvemments she is still listed in critical care. This page will be updated as often as possible based upon her mother and fathers facebook updates as during this time their energy is being focused on their daughter.

I recently asked her parents Kevin and DeAnne to write up something about Genny to share here.

Here is from her father Kevin Shepler who I might add is amazing. And can't e
Wait to get the chance to meet him in person LOL

Genny....hmmm..Genny is smart, I mean real smart. She tested in the top 98% in her state testing. She has to be the best at everything but doesn't let anyone know its a competition, so she has a better chance of winning. She is aggressive in everything that she does which is why I believe she is so fitting For hockey. She is always....almost always happy. She isusually smiling which is why u keep saying innapropriate things in her hospital room. ...I love to see her smile.. she is giving but wont hesitate to take. Sheblightens up everyone's day just by showing up. She is beautiful and she knows it, but gives all credit for.her beauty to GOD and her mom. She knows how to be naughty and not get Dad mad at her. She knows if I laugh then I can't yell at her for it. So she makes sure that whatever she is doing naughty to make it funny as hell. She is a manipulator so you have to stay on top of her. She is the kind of little girl who cansteal yourheart the Minutes you see me I know. She didn't like me to much until her mother went to work a year and a half ago. And hen she was forced to like me. Now I think she really loves me. She gives me backrubs all the time and is not afraid to rub my feet either. She has the will of a jackass. When she first moved in with me after DeAnnes accident shebwas two yearsbold and still in diapers. I was displeased this since both my kids were potty trained by the time they were one. Ivdidnt have to do a thing either the both just immitated what they saw. In fact I one time caught my daughter peeing standing up after she was living with her brother and I. Guess she thought cool ill give it a shot too. Anyway I finally took Genny to the bathroom one Saturday afternoon and sat her on the toilet. I told her she was not getting up till she pee pee on the toilet like everyone else in the house. Two hours of running the sink and the bathtub, and soaking her hand in warm water, and aqurting water towards her privates to prime the pump. She finally did it and one week later lost he nighttime diaper and never went back.....till July 30, 2012. Now she's pissed anytime I say anything about her diaper so I'm considering taking one home one night and coming.into her room the next morning and showing her dads new pink disposable undies just so she can make fun of I said I love to see her smile. Everything she wants to do she picks up on real fast. And she thrives to be the best at everything she does. She has the trophies (which they don't just hand out in hockey) and the presidential fitness award. (Only girl in her grade at school to reciev it) and game winning pucks to prove it.

Added thing in there not sure if he wanted it added but I feel it needs to be... sorry Kevin. And I do agree with it as well... LOL

My babies are not perfect. But they are everything to me. Oh yea and DeAnnes babies are MY babies. I don't know Marc at all but I am glad he made the choices he made because I wouldn't have the family I have now if he didn't. If you ever run into him lethim know I said "thanks....and you are really behind on your child support.!!! "

I'm not wanting to insult anyone or put anyone down I'm this.statement but I wanted to show just what kind of person Kevin is and what type of FATHER he is as well. In my opinion and it is mine he is amazing and has doneso many wonderful things for this family. He stepped up and in and has been a blessing. Thank you Kevin foreverything you do.

Latest Journal Update


Two years ago today we got our little girl back. She has been so strong through it all. She's now in 6th grade and struggles with math like anyone else. She's made lots of friends and even has her own guinea pig to take care of. There is a struggle with balance from time to time and still some issues with her vision but we are grateful for every day with her!