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  • God's goodness!

    Written Mar 1, 2014 10:58am

     God is continuing to shower us in mercy - physically, spiritually and mentally.  It is too incredible to describe how He likes to give good gifts to His children. The "deficiencies" continue but outward circumstances don't define His goodness. 

    It has been quite a while since I posted any updates. As you would expect that's because things have not changed much.  I have not noticed much improvement on the left side of my face.  Others have told me it's looking better so that's good. The biggest issue with my face is that my eye is not producing tears and the eyelid is not automatically blinking on that side. The solution has been to tape my eye closed with medical tape.  I haven't been using my eye patch since the only reason for using it was to conceal the tape.  I think it was attracting more attention so I'm just using the tape now. When I was walking in a store several weeks ago I heard a child tell his dad that "he's scarwee", which certainly wasn't my objective!  So probably the biggest prayer request is to regain tear production as well as the automated blinking on that side.  

    It has been amazing to see the Lord working in and through our lives. He has revealed a new level of faith from me which has been incredible to experience.  In the past I would probably shrugged this off as Christianize but it has been so much more. It has been so hard to represent the depth of Him working through our lives through the few written words but I'd love to talk to you about it any time! One example of Him working is the part time work that He provided.  I was talking to my brother-in-law on Christmas day and he told me about a part time job.  The next day I spoke to and exchanged texts with Ron and was offered a job without an interview, resume or anything else. That fellow is a programmer and he asked me to test, research and create functional requirements for his projects. The faith journey He has me on is to work out not being anxious for tomorrow.  I want to believe that He has the future figured out better than me! Isn't it silly when we think we can do a thing better than Him?!  The point is that can strive for things or I can trust Him like when Peter got out of the boat amidst the storm.  Am I going to look at my experiences and come up with a plan to fix them myself or am I going to have faith in Him?  There is so much more to write but I wanted to try to keep this post short!  But I would appreciate your prayers to find full time work soon.

    Earlier this week I drove to Denver to see another eye doctor.  He recommends the same treatment that every other eye doctor has suggested. He would cut a slit in my upper left eyelid and insert a gold weight.  Additionally he would sew shut a small section of my eye lids on the left side.  The purpose of these things is to help my eyelid to close (although I have a little movement on my left eyelid).  I major question I neglected to ask, and the most fundamental one to understand, is to understand why this will help my major issue of not producing tears. It would help my eyelid to close but why is that important if I don't produce tears?!  I'll have to find out.

    We are continuing to wait to meet with the neurologist in May regarding next steps.  Janette and I are seriously questioning why we should take the risk of having more procedures.  Several of the ones I've already had have left me with a number of challenges. Previously the doctors have mentioned that if I don't completely take care of the fistula I "will" have another hemorrhage. Back in December Dr. Larsen suggested I have a diagnostic angiogram to see what has been happening since my last procedure in November.  He won't embolize (insert glue) into any abnormal vessels but will instead use it to help make a plan. We don't have a date for that test but it will take place in May or June. 

    Thank you for your faithful prayers.  I am blessed beyond understanding by your love and support.

  • Exciting news!

    Written Jan 1, 2014 7:35pm

    Good day to my wonderful friends and family!  We've made it...2014!  Wow it's a crazy world we live in. But we can rest assured that Christ will always be on His throne!

    I have some exciting news.  A former Awana leader for my kids and friend of my brother-in-law asked me to begin working on testing newly written software for 15-20 hours per week. It will start later this month and continue into June. Even though the job is part time and temporary I am thankful for any income.  Janette suggested a few times that work could look completely different than what I expected.  Well, she was right!  God  dropped this job in my lap.  I didn't previously know about the job, I didn't pursue it, I didn't interview or even give Ron my resume, plus I will work from home so my facial paralysis isn't a factor. I can work whenever I want and when I get a full time job I am free to take it.  Pretty good for a job I didn't pursue!  I was recently reading through Judges (I'm reading chronologically through the Bible) about Gideon. The Lord wanted Gideon to go to battle with an impossibly small group of warriors "lest Isreal claim glory for itself against Me saying my own hand has saved me."  I had no part in finding this job - thank you Lord for a job.  

    A quick update on my facial paralysis is that unfortunately I'm not seeing any improvement with my memory or facial muscles. The therapist thought it was slightly better.  I'm still getting therapy once a week as well as working on exercises at home.

    Thank again for you prayers, encouragement and notes either in Facebook or the Caring Bridge guestbook (I always check guestbook entries on the Caring Bridge site  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/cheney/guestbook) as well as Facebook. 

    The Lord continues to impress folks to give. I am astonished at your generosity and your obedience to the Holy Spirit. Although I will be working part-time in a few weeks it won't be enough to cover all our bills. Also, since we are in a new year I have to pay $6,500 for my deductible.  It has been exciting to see how God is continuing meeting every need. It's really quite extraordinary.  Thank you so very much!

    You may have missed my last journal entry since it was on Dec 22 during those busy days before Christmas. Click on "journal" on the top of the page in Caring Bridge and it will take you to the site where we posted all the entries. It's at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/cheney/journal

    David Cheney
  • What's next?

    Written Dec 22, 2013 10:43pm

    During this time of year I reflect on who Christ is an how He came into this world to reach out to us. He wanted relationship with us, so much so He was willing to come into the world as a babe. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Powerful. Are you regularly in God's word? There is great joy, hope and peace there. It's especially difficult to take the time with the busyness of the season but there is no greater time to make it a habit in your life. A friend's accountability many years ago was the vehicle God used in my life to seek Him regularly.  Often it was hard to find something applicable in the passage I'm reading. The word seemed to lack relevance to my life and it didn't take too long until I simply didn't read it anymore. But if I refuse to move on to the rest of day until I read something that applies to that day it forces me to read more carefully. My mind quickly strays to other things so in years past I would "read" a section of scripture then hurry on to the rest of my day.  I didn't value God's word like I should have.  God's word is relevant to your life. Let this Christmas be the one where you begin to seek Him regularly. You won't be disappointed.  

    Last week we met with Dr Samuelson (the original doctor) and Dr Larsen (the current doctor.) Everyone is in agreement that we should delay anything further until at least next spring. Dr. Larsen wants to see me in May then have an angiogram to see how things are going. If he doesn't like what he sees then we'll have to decide then if we're willing to do more procedures. At this point we don't have to think about that and can instead focus on rehab and finding a job. 

    Speaking of a job I haven't shared any of the memory and cognitive problems from the strokes, hemmorage and other issues this past year. I have been reluctant to share too much in case a future employer is reading this and is scared to hire me. But I want have a deeper faith than that. God has provided everything we needed this year and I know He is able to take care of a job too.  I'm amazed that just like the Isrealites I'm so quick to depend on my own own strength rather than to rest in Him.  Or to trust in my appearance, health, abilities or anything apart from Him. I would have thought those were just platitudes but if we've learned anything this year is that God is interested and active our lives.  So anyway, some of the issues are: memory issues (I've never had a great memory but this is quite stark, in the middle of a sentence forgetting what I was saying and even the subject), difficulty with some tasks such as writing down a phone number (I can't store the numbers long enough to write it down) or trying to calculate dates or other information that should be easy but it's not for me. Thankfully that is pretty rare whereas my memory issues are common. I share all this so you know how to pray. You have been so faithful to pray for the physical will you also pray for this?  No matter what comes next we believe and know "the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord" although from my perspective I'd like these things to the part of "the Lord gives"!

    Unfortunately I had one of my worse headaches in several months last night. On several occasions I wondered if I was having another hemmorage. The pain contined all through the night.  Every time I woke up it hurt as much as it had before I went bed.  That is very unusual since I seldom had headaches that kept me awake or that continued throughout the night. Gratefully it was back to my normal pain level this morning! 

    My facial movement is not any better (although friends say it is).  I'm thankful for a little bit of eye lid movement even though it isn't automatic like my other eye. My right eye blinks as needed but my left eye doesn't so I have to manually blink it which I often forget to do until it's too late and my eye stings from the lack of moisture. Thus the reason I can't use both eyes, it's not automatic. Any recovery of muscle activity is a good thing because it's more likely to recover.  I'm very thankful I have even a little movement on my left eyelid.  But unfortunately the rest of my face (on the left side) doesn't have any movement.  I've had lots of doctor visits lately.  It makes me think of collecting trading cards. If I had one for each doctor I'd have quite a collection!

    We are so very thankful that I'm home this Christmas. This time last year I was at in-patient rehab at the hospital. I didn't get home until January 4th. No one could have imagined I would be dealing with this more than a year after it started!  But we thank you for your kindness and friendship that have been such a blessing all these many months. 

    You have been so faithful to pray, visit and give. It must be a sweet fragrance to Him to see your faithless through all these health issues. I'm sure it's a picture of how believers should lift each other up. Thank you so very much!

    God bless you,

    David Cheney

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