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My Story

This is the story of Brian's car accident on 10.9.12. Thank you for praying for him and the family, and please don't stop!

NOTE! All tributes/donations on this site go to the Caring Bridge folks. While we are grateful for this site, if you want to help Brian please send donations to:


or to his account at Affinity Plus Credit Union. We don't know what he will need, and we mostly want your prayers and faith in miracles!

Brian crashed on his way to school around 9:45 AM on Tuesday morning, October 9, and was found barely alive and seriously injured an hour and 45 minutes later. He was less than 2 miles from his house on a dirt road in Hastings, where he had lost control on the gravel and collided with a large tree, impacting directly on the driver's side door. He was wearing his seat belt and was not texting or talking on his phone.

Rescue personnel arrived at 11:30 and performed a very difficult and lengthy extraction, and they had to cut the roof completely off the Nissan Sentra to get him out. He was airlifted from our church parking lot (St Elizabeth Ann Seton) to Regions Hospital in St Paul. His mother Tina was the first to get the news when three police cruisers showed up at our home around 12:30 PM and told her every parent's worst nightmare: "Brian has been in a serious car accident. He hit a tree and is being airlifted to Regions Hospital in St Paul right now. That's all we know. You need to come to the hospital."  A Hastings officer drover her to the hospital and on the way she called her husband, Dennis, and their oldest son, Phil, who were at a business meeting together in Minneapolis.  

We arrived as Brian was receiving initial CT scans. Within 2 hours he was moved to the Gillette Children's PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).

His injuries:

Multiple fractures in the face and skull
Severe brain trauma (GCS 5)
Deep lacerations and contusions on left arm
Bruised/bleeding lower left lung
Minor damage to his spleen

Brian has no other broken bones. A piece of glass punctured the left side of his neck and cut his carotid sheath but not his artery. His vital signs were very low. The paramedics and rescue team must have had a pit in their stomach when they first saw Brian and must be very proud that they got him out alive.

Brian is in a coma attached to a respirator. We are watching for brain swelling, and we are praying and hopeful. He is young, bright and full of life - God's plan for him hasn't been fulfilled yet!

Please follow the journal entries for further updates, and sign our guestbook to show your support. Thank you!


Tina Gapp posted a new journal entry, "HHS Senior Update".

Isn't it funny how we skate along when things are going well?  We forget the little things.  We sometimes slip into a state of unawareness.  Brian was ... Read more

Anne Kieffer signed Brian's Guestbook.

God Bless each of you on your journey in this life. I am happy to hear everything has worked out well. Thanks for all the awesome updates Tina. Best of Luck to Brian <3 Read more

Gary And Janelle Schmitz signed Brian's Guestbook.

What an amazing young man, and an amazing faith that your family has.  We will continue our prayers for Brian as he completes his senior year and prepares for college. ... Read more

Madison, PCT Gillette Children's specialty health care signed Brian's Guestbook.

Hello Brian, and the entire Gapp family,  It has been a pleasure getting to you you all, and I have enjoyed reading all the updates that you have posted.  I pray for ... Read more

Tina Gapp added a new photo.

Gordon Gathright signed Brian's Guestbook.

Great to hear about Brian's progress and know the Lord is working in all of this. &nbsp;So grateful to see how things are progressing. &nbsp;Keep up the great work ... Read more

Tina Gapp posted a new journal entry, "Summer is here for awhile longer...".

We are thankful for so much. &nbsp;I am happy for the summer sun, a garden, and a simple smile from the 17-year old Brian.He has conquered driver's training as of ... Read more

Gordon Gathright55033 signed Brian's Guestbook.

Glad to hear good things continue to happen for Brian. Our thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey! Read more

Anne Kieffer signed Brian's Guestbook.

happy to hear things are going well...I believe in the power of prayer. AWESOME job, good luck with drivers test. :) Read more

Heidi Pahl signed Brian's Guestbook.

Way to go Brian.  Thought of you today as I was driving by with Zach getting ready to go to prom.  So proud that you keep on smiling and moving forward, not easy to do ... Read more

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