Sharing Surgery News More Easily with CaringBridge

When her eight-year-old son Tyler was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Ruth Z. turned to CaringBridge to spread the news. (Oct. 2012)

Surgery Support from CaringBridge - Ruth Z.

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Preview of the CaringBridge experience

Difficult Conversations

Tyler has a brain tumor, Ruth Z. texted to a friend right after her eight-year-old’s diagnosis. She realized then that “telling everyone was going to feel like dropping bombs in peoples’ laps” – dramatic, difficult and repetitive. Then she discovered CaringBridge.

'What a Load Off My Shoulders'

Ruth quickly saw that a CaringBridge Site – with its Journal, Guestbook and other secure ways to share news with family and friends – was a superior way to communicate.

“I didn’t like flooding Facebook with our trials,” she says. “but I didn’t plan on calling everyone, either.”

Truly a Gift

Right after Tyler’s surgery, Ruth and her husband Mike checked their CaringBridge website every hour. “Opening the Guestbook to find love, encouragement, humor and support was truly a gift,” she says.

Another helpful feature in every CaringBridge website: the Planner shows to-do tasks like meal sign-up.

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