On Health Journeys

Maybe you're facing surgery. Perhaps a friend is ill and needs support. Or you're not certain what the journey holds but you want to keep everyone informed. CaringBridge is here for you, no matter what your situation.

Facing Down Cancer

Beth K. was just weeks away from her dream of becoming a registered nurse, when a CT scan and biopsy revealed that she had pancreatic cancer.

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Hope vs. Leukemia

At age two, Ramsey was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic leukemia. The same day his treatment started, so did his CaringBridge Site.

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Connecting After Breast Cancer

After her breast cancer surgery, it hurt physically and emotionally every time Traci C. picked up the phone. She needed a better way to reach out to her support group. She found CaringBridge.

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Updating Loved Ones on Surgery

When her eight-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Ruth Z. turned to CaringBridge to spread the news.

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News on a Premature Birth

Complications cascaded after baby Grace was born 14 weeks early. Her mother, Jennifer, immediately started a CaringBridge Site -- which proved to be “an incredible resource.”

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Handling Heart Disease

A heart attack grabbed Jeff H. by the lapels, focused his attention, and supercharged his appreciation for being alive. During his recovery he kept a Journal on CaringBridge so he could share his newfound perspective.

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