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God loving, adore Grandchildren, love my husband who is an amazing man and my best friend. I was blindsided by cancer (I think everyone is) and now am doing what I can and what feels right for me in order to beat this. Love to each of you who visit here. It means so much. A new website has been created for those who would like to help financially. I currently have no Insurance and and in need of purchasing a prosthetic night time sleeve for my leg that will help in removing and keeping the edema down. If you wish to help, the website is www.giveforward.com. anything will be a huge help to us.

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Jan Tani posted a new journal entry, "Sorry it's been so long".

I'm sorry it's been so long sing I last made a journal entry. I made the cruise which aside from having my Spring Value friends come to visit was indeed the highlight of ... Read more

Jan Tani posted a new journal entry, "Cruisin......".

Just returned home from my cruise to AK. What an amazing trip. Walruses, whales, all kinds of birds, so much fun with my friend of 25 years. The ship had a scooter waiting ... Read more

Jan Tani posted a new journal entry, "7/28/14 update".

Woke up this morning with a great deal of pain through out my body. Legs are very since swollen. Went for a Dr visit yesterday a little unsure If I should since I stopped ... Read more

Jan Tani posted a new journal entry, "What may be my final update".

To all my Facebook Friends:I will update Caring Bridge later today if I can do it without deleting my work, LOL, I can be such a clutz ... But I wanted to give an update ... Read more

Jan Tani posted a new journal entry, "Chemo and health update".

I have just ended my second type of chemo which the Dr stopped due to the less than desirable side effects. The first one worked well but since I could only have it four ... Read more

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