Colby Daves

Stay informed and in prayer with us through Colby's unforeseen open heart surgery and recovery. Colby almost 17 now faces a journey more challenging than we could have imagined as we were doing some routine doctor visits this past month and came across a congenital heart disorder, that had been missed for years. This surgery will give him an improved life but a journey to say the least. Colby is that kid... The one that cares about his friends and family and will do anything for them! Maybe in his teenager years alittle more for his friends! :-) but we understand as we were once there ourselves! He is a class clown but compassionate investor in the relationships he forms! Colby's hobbies when asked by his doctors were rattled off as Football, socializing and sleeping! All him to a T! He is a proud crusader at Concordia Lutheran High School! What most defines him though is the faith and trust he has with his lord and savior! Colby believes that God has a plan and that in his hands he'll be graceful restored! He has always taught us to be stronger in our faith when we fear and he believes! He is our pride and joy and we are proud of his faith, strength and attitude!

Conroe, TX

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