Channeling Hope to Battle Leukemia

At age two, Ramsey was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His treatment – demanding and difficult – started that day. So did his CaringBridge Site.

Ramsey and his mother - Battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Steps on the Journey

When Shawna and Joseph learned that their two-year-old son had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, they were devastated but they clung to hope. The same day Ramsey's treatment – demanding and difficult – started, his parents set up a CaringBridge Site.

Everything on One Site

Shawna and Joseph logged their struggles, small victories, and gratitude. They shared words of prayer, love, hope and power. The Journal came to be a source of comfort. “I look forward to doing this each night,” Shawna wrote. “It’s sort of therapeutic for me.”